Amarinder unfit to represent Amritsar in Parliament: SAD

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Chandigarh/March 24
Former Congressman turned Akali and Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) Chairman Avtar Singh Brar on Sunday deemed former chief minister Amarinder Singh unfit to represent Amritsar in Parliament.
Brar asked Amarinder Singh to tell the people of Amritsar how loyally he had represented the constituents of Samana and Patiala who had elected him to the Punjab Vidhan Sabha during his last three terms as a legislator. “Amarinder Singh had a history of letting down those who elected him to the State assembly,” Brar said, adding that Amarinder failed to represent the people of Samana in the Vidhan Sabha by refusing to attend the same from 1992 to 1997 even though he had been elected unopposed from the constituency.
“I remember he came for only two sittings including one in which he took the oath of office,” Brar said. He said that the second and only other time Amarinder attended the Vidhan Sabha during this period had witnessed then chief minister Beant Singh reciting a couplet “Jogi utar paharon aaya” keeping in view Amarinder’s penchant of remaining closeted in his palatial house in Himachal Pradesh.
Brar said that Amarinder’s record as a legislator from Patiala was no better. “Amarinder had attended a few sessions per force as chief minister of the state during 2002 to 2007 and during the last two years of the present Vidhan Sabha, there had been 42 sittings but Amarinder was able to spare time to attend only three sittings,” Brar added.
The SAD leader this track record itself was an indication to the people of Amritsar that Amarinder was unfit to represent them in parliament. He said besides his non-performance as a legislator, the Congress leader was also not suited to represent the “guru ki nagri” as its representative in parliament because he believed in pursuing activities fashionable among decadent royals rather than working among the common people. “Amarinder was known for being inaccessible during his tenure as chief minister to such an extent that he was not available to even his cabinet colleagues”, he said adding that the people of Amritsar would never put their faith in such a person.
Cautioning the people of Amritsar to beware of Amarinder’s bluster and smooth talk, Brar said they should first evaluate the past record of the Congress leader vis-a-vis that of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal who was known not only for his humility but also the fact that he put the common man first in whatever he did. The SAD leader said the SAD-BJP alliance was fortunate that the BJP had decided to field a renowned lawyer and someone who had his roots in Amritsar – Arun Jaitely from the prestigious seat.
“Once elected to power Jaitely is destined to occupy a senior position in the NDA government. He can be instrumental in taking Amritsar and Punjab to even greater heights. Amarinder on the other hand is a jaded and dejected leader who has nothing to offer to the people of Amritsar and Punjab and is like a migratory bird who has been fast flown to Amritsar against his wishes at the express command of Sonia Gandhi,” he added.

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