Bengaluru molestation: Two detained by police

North Gazette News/Bengaluru

Two accused involved in the molestation case of young women on an empty street in East Bengaluru on New Year’s Day have been detained along with five more accomplices during the investigations.

Bengulru police are yet to show the final arrest of the accused

Police are yet to show the arrests of the youths but are expected to do so in the next 24 hours. Among the youths detained is one person who lives on a street in Kammanahalli where the attack on January 1 occurred – which is also the street where the victim lived, police sources said. Police filed an FIR with regard to the east Bengaluru case on Tuesday night after receiving CCTV footage from the owner of a building near the site of the attack on the young woman.
The CCTV footage of the attack was broadcast on television channels through Wednesday. The footage showed a young woman alighting from an auto-rickshaw at a cross road in Kammanahalli and being accosted and attacked by a young man who arrives on a scooter. The friends of the attackers were caught on camera watching the unfolding sequence of events from the street corner. Police who began investigations of the east Bengaluru incident at around 10.30 pm on Tuesday night were able to detain the main accused and their accomplices by Wednesday morning after working through the night analysing the CCTV footage and technical data including mobile tower dumps.

After analysing the CCTV footage police found that the young woman who alighted from the auto rickshaw had been accompanied by a female friend who hurried off to their accomodation even as the victim paid for the rickshaw and stepped into the street alone where she was attacked. Analysing the footage of the camera fixed at the home of a resident Prashant Francis for the whole evening police found that a group of youths had gathered outside the residence of the girls at 8:45 pm as well. They found that one of the youths was a resident of the street.
Police sources said the youth who was picked up for questioning after he was identified admitted that he and his friends who were involved in the attack on the girl. Police also analysed information for active phones in the region at the time of the incident and found that the mobile phone of one of the attackers was active in the region at the time of the crime.
“The case has been cracked. We have found the culprits. The girl who is not from Bengaluru is apprehensive about identifying them. We will proceed with the case suo motu if needed we have the evidence,” police sources said. The detained youths are all residents of east Bengaluru, police said.

Police said the victim, a student, shared a room with her friend who is also from the north east at a house on the street where the crime occurred. The two room mates were returning from a New Year party when the incident occurred. Sources said the victim’s friend hurried away from the autorickshaw to the room leaving her friend alone as she was not feeling too well.
The youth who attacked the victim initially approached her in the guise of wishing her for the New Year. He later molested her. Police have registered a case of attempt to rape, molestation and robbery against the two youths actively involved in the incident and five other passive participants. The area where the incident occurred houses hundreds of students and youths from different parts of India, Africa and the middle east world and is known to be alive with activity late into the nights even on regular days.
The incident occurred over 10 km away from the central business district in Bengaluru where incidents of alleged mass molestation was reported by a section of the media on New Year’s Eve where police are yet to find any evidence to register a case and take up investigations.