Ultimately Railway succeeds in saving Jan Shatabadi Express from attachment

North Gazette News/ Una
The Indian Railways Authority today succeeded in saving Jan Shatabadi Express from attachment in Una.

The local court of Una district had ordered the attachment of Jan Shatabadi Express on April 16, if Railways Authority fail to provide compensation to farmers for land acquisition before April 16.

According to sources, the railway officials arrived today early morning (4.30 AM) at Una Railway station, as well as the aggrieved farmers. Railways handed over the demand draft to the aggrieved farmers and requested them to deposit it in the court in the morning.

It is worth mentioning here that the court had passed these orders on April 9 and April 16 was fixed as the last date for paying the compensation to farmers for acquiring their land.

Jan Shatabadi Express leaves for Delhi from Una Railway Station at 5 am everyday and Indian Railways had acquired the land of Madan Lal and Mela Ram, both are the residents of Dilwan village in Una district of Himachal Pradesh for laying tracks to ply train in 1998.

Indian Railways had acquired land in Dilwan village for the construction of the Una-Chururu section of Una-Talwara rail line in 1998 and farmers had approached the court for lack of compensation for the acquired land.