New Development: An injection to cure all chronic backache problems

North Gazette News/New Delhi
With changes in lifestyles of people, chronic backache problems have becpme a norms among young as well old persons in the last decade. But soon, an injection would be able cure all chronic backache problems.

As per reports, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi’s Department of Textile Technology has developed an injection to treat chronic backache problems, and that too at an affordable price of Rs 3,000-4,0000.

At present, IIT Delhi’s Department of Textile Technology has tested the injection which uses the technique of tissue engineering on animals and have found positive results. And in the injection would soon be tested on humans.

IIT Delhi’s Department of Textile Technology Prof Surabh Ghosh said that the students and teachers were working on the project to develop an injection, using tissue engineering technology.

“In this injection, we are preparing Hydrogel and Silk Microcapsules with the help of Silk and the mixtures of these capsules is injected in the affected area of the back,” Ghosh said.

“After injecting the medicine, the Hydrogel provides immediate relief to the patients while the Silk that has abundance of tissues helps in reconstruction of damaged spine disc portion,” Ghosh said.

Ghosh said that in normal circumstances, the injection would be able completely cure chronic backache problems with six to seven months.

“Usually, doctors remove the damaged portion of spine disc or implant new tissues on the affected that doesn’t cure the chronic backache problems completely. And these treatment only provide temporary relief to the patients,” he said.

Further, these treatment are not costly but these also doesn’t help in restoring the patients condition to normalcy.

“While the tissue reconstruction treatment not only provide immediate relief to patients but also helps in reconstruction of damaged portion of spine disk, curing the chronic backache problem entirely,” he added.