MILKFED reduces desi ghee rates by Rs 10/kg

North Gazette News/Chandigarh
In a major consumer friendly decision aimed at adding a zing to the festivity of its consumers on the coming Baisakhi festival, MILKFED on Thursday reduced desi ghee rates by Rs 10/kg.

A MILKFED spokesperson said that keeping in view the stock position, procurement trend, market scenario and the ensuing Baisakhi festival, the Milkfed has reduced prices of Verka Ghee both in consumer as well as bulk packing by Rs 10/per litre/Kg with effect from April 2, 2015.

With the slash in rates the carton pack of Verka Desi Ghee would be now available to the consumers at a rate of Rs 330 per kg instead of existing Rs 340 per kg. Likewise, the tin pack of Desi Ghee would be available to the consumers at Rs 340 per kg instead of currently Rs 350.

This decision was seen as a major consumer friendly initiative by the leading Milk cooperative as normally the price of Ghee increases during the summer season due to less supply of Milk. However, with the reduction of prices of Ghee by Milkfed the consumers would get this product at affordable prices in the coming season.

“The consumers will be immensely benefitted from it as the other private players will also have to follow the suite and people will get the Desi Ghee at slashed rates,” added the spokesperson.

Pertinently, due to its high quality Verka Ghee was popular across the globe especially amongst the Punjabi Diaspora. On an average Milkfed sells around 4000 ton of Desi Ghee every year out of which nearly 700 tons was exported to foreign countries. Likewise, 3300 tons of Desi ghee was sold in the domestic market.

Notably under its brand name ‘Verka’, the premier Milk Cooperative produces a number of products including Milk, Butter, Ghee and other dairy products which were renowned all over the world, due its good quality and mouth watering taste.

Likewise, the Cooperative has also carved a niche for itself by producing delicious sweets like Kaju Pinni, Kaju Burfi, Dhodha, Panjiri, Mah Dal Pinni, Soan Papri, Peda and others.

Besides the national as well as international market the mouth watering and fresh ‘Verka products’ have a whopping demand in states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and in the tri-city of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula, as the customers eagerly waits for relishing and enjoying them.