Indian govt asks SAI, Haryana govt to extend support to boxer Rishu Mittal

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Indian government on Thursday asked Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Haryana government to extend support to boxer Rishu Mittal in pursuing her career in boxing.

In a statement issued here, a spokesperson of Indian government that Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has urged the Haryana government, SAI and Boxing India to examine the matter of boxer Rishu Mittal.

“Indian Sports Ministry has also asked Haryana government, SAI and Boxing India to explore the possibilities of helping her to pursue career in boxing,” Indian government spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that the communication has been sent after reports recently appearing in a section of media have stated that champion Haryana boxer Rishu Mittal is working as housemaid for livelihood.

Haryana Boxer Rishu Mittal had reportedly won Gold Medal in state level boxing championship last year and she had also participated in national level boxing championship in December 2014.

A Class 10 student, boxer Rishu Mittal reportedly working as housemaid in Kaithal, her native place to support herself and brother’s schooling.

Her coach Rajinder Singh said that Mittal has great talent and she can excel in the sport at national and international level if she is provided assistance in pursuing her studies and practice.