Haryana to take action against Municipal Council Narnaul chief for fraudulent deeds

North Gazette News/Chandigarh
Haryana government on Wednesday decied to initiate action against Municipal Council Narnaul chief Anjana Aggarwal for alleged irregularities and fraudulent deeds.

A Haryana government spokesperson said that the government has recommended action against the Municipal Council Narnaul chief Anjana Aggarwal on the basis of investigation report.

“Out of 12 charges leveled against her, nine charges stand proved as per report of Inquiry Officer,” the spokesperson said, adding that Anjana Aggarwal has been suspended from the post in the month of June 2014.

He said that the show cause notice as per provisions of Section 14 and 22 of 1973 Act would be issued to her. “For rest erring officials involved in illegalities, concerned Directorate or Deputy Commissioner would take action,” he said.

Elaborating the charges proved in the report, he said that Anjana Aggarwal misused the provisions of Section 35 of the 1973 Act, which provides extraordinary powers for works in case of natural calamity or acute public inconvenience direct the execution of any such work which otherwise the committee is empowered. She had got done more than 500 development works in the middle of year 2013 till the end of year, misusing provisions of Section 35 and none of the work was allotted through tender policy.

Similarly, she issued NOCs in property transfer cases bearing her signatures only. However, signatures of Junior Engineer or Municipal Engineer or Building Inspector or Executive Officer of the Council are also required.

In many cases, where Building Inspector reported that the property is unauthorised and NOC cannot be issued, she issued the same under her signatures. The remarks on NOC are in the handwriting of her husband bearing signatures.

Her husband also misused the official car. She also involved in fraudulently changing the amount of cheques by adding ‘1’ in front of amount thus increased the figures and the said charge proved against her.

In another charge, she issued NOC under her signatures without report of any other officer, where the purchaser was her own husband. Similarly, she had made double payment of Rs.7,10,449 for the same work to a contractor.

Financial rules had not been followed by her. There is no date mentioned on vouchers and no separate entry on contingent bills has been made. He said that she refused to sign the payment bills of contractor submitted on completion of works and also demanded bribe in lieu of payment. Various contractors had submitted complaints or affidavits regarding withholding of payment illegally. Apart of this, development works got done by her is of lowest quality.

In addition, in a video and audio footage, her husband is threatening the officials which show that he misused his position being husband of the President. Her husband acted himself as President and gave effect to his misdeeds.