Dr Rajender Prasad Sarvodaya Vidyalaya principal, teacher arrested for embezzlement of funds

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Dr Rajender Prasad Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, President’s Estate principal and teacher were on Thursday arrested by Delhi’s Anti Corruption Branch for embezzlement of funds in the ghost of ghost employees.

Delhi ACB Addl Commissioner of Police Surender Singh Yadav said that the Sarvodaya Vidyalaya principal Bishan Lal and a teacher identified as Shaukat Ali have been arrested for embezzlement of government money.

Yadav said that Delhi Deputy Chief Minister along with Secretary (Education) and others had inspected the school and had found irregularities in functioning of school.

“The class XII (Vocational Course) students, undergoing course of food production had complained to the inspection team that no practical classes for the course were conducted,” Yadav said, adding that the Sarvodaya Vidyalaya principal and teacher had withdrawn funds for purchasing food items for the practical classes.

He said that the course instructor/teacher Shaukat Ali had only displayed a video on preparation of cookies once and asked the students to do the project at home.
“While Sarvodaya Vidyalaya principal Bishan Lal had claimed self-attested bills of several purchases of provisional items including chicken, mutton, onion, sugar vegetable oil, olive oil etc. for the purpose of usage in the food production course,” he said, adding that it was noticed that there was not even a gas connection for the last two years and no cooking has ever happened in the school. The stock register was also not maintained properly.

Further since July 2014, it has also been found that the sanitation work of the school is being done by the office of Rashtrapati Bhawan through an outsourcing agency M/s RK Jain 86 Sons Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd

“The agency supervisor Shashi Kumar disclosed that the company has deployed four sanitation workers for the work and all of them are being paid by the Company which in turn raised the bill to Rashtrapati Bhawan Office and not to the school.

However, the principal has made fraudulent claims by including four non-existing names in the muster roll and claimed payment from the Government eve, month for five sanitation workers, out of which only one has been found to be working in the primary wing,” he added.