Congress blames BJP for spreading false propaganda against the Sports Bill

North Gazette News/ Shimla

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee on Friday criticised BJP for terming the Sports Bill brought by the state government as an attempt to takeover Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association and said that the Bill has been brought out to promote and give equal opportunity for each sports to flourish without any political interference.

State Congress Chief Spokesperson Naresh Chauhan said that BJP leaders were spreading false propaganda against the Sports Bill and questioned them as what are their objections on the Bill on the basis of which they are making such wild and misleading statements. “The Congress government has brought out the Bill as per party’s election manifesto and the main objective of the Bill is to regulate, register and democratise the functioning of the sports associations and to make them accountable for performance in games and sports,” Chauhan said.

State Congress Chief Spokesperson said that the other objective of the Bill was to free the sports associations from political control and end the monopoly of politicians who are using these bodies for their personal gain which would give a chance to office bearers to work without any political intervention. “But from BJP leaders’ statements, it seems that they only consider cricket as the only sports while the state government has brought the legislation to promote all sports and work for the welfare of athletes of rural sports of the state as Kabaddi, Volleyball etc,” he said.

Chauhan accused the BJP MP & HPCA President Anurag Thakur of taking over the cricket association for his own political gains and questioned his motives for getting the association first registered in Kanpur and then later converting it into a company. “At the time of registration of HPCA as company, Anurag Thakur become the President, his younger brother Arun Dhumal as Vice President and the then Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal was nominated as Chief Patron while Thakur appointed his friends, belonging to other states as lifetime members,” Chauhan said while questioning whether the act was not an attempt to takeover HPCA by the Dhumal family.

He said that after the passing of Sports Bill, over 42 Sports Associations of the state would come under the new Bill and a Sports Council would also be constituted for the welfare of sportspersons in the state,” Chauhan said, adding that the Sports Bill has been formulated keeping in mind the youth of the state.

State Congress Chief Spokesperson said that now it would be mandatory to hold elections of Sports Associations after the expiry of fixed term and only Himachalis would have the right the vote to elect new body. “Further, these elections would be held in independent and not in nominated manner and the office bearers would be elected for a fixed period of time. In addition to this, audit of the sports bodies would also be conducted every year,” he said.

“The Bill would also help in improving the condition of sports bodies and this would also give a chance to players to excel at national and international level,” he said.

He also criticised BJP led NDA government of bringing in Land Acquisition Bill to benefit corporate and crony capitalists and said that Congress party would continue to stage protest against such anti-farmer legislation.