Caught on camera: White cop shoots black man in South Carolina after traffic stop

North Gazette News/South Carolina
A white cop of North Charleston Police Department has booked on charges of murder of a black man who shot dead after a traffic stop after video evidence of the attack that was caught on camera by a passerby.

As per reports, North Charleston Police Department officer Maichael Slager was booked by police on charges of murder after the video footage of the attack emerged, showing the cop shooting black man in cold blood on Saturday.

The black man identified as Walter Scott (50) was reportedly stopped by Slager for broken rear light after which the cop shot him in the back while he was fleeing from the spot.

Slager reportedly told dispatch that Scott had fired at him after snatching taser gun, resulting in firing by him in which suspected died.

However, Slager’s lies were exposed as a passerby recorded the entire incident and provided the video clipping to his family, who reportedly gave to US daily, The New York Times.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey told media that Slager would be charged with murder for killing black man as the video evidence has clearly proved that the officer had fired at Scott without any provocation.

Summey termed the incident as unfortunate and said that Slager has arrested and he would go on trial for murdering the black man.