#Bangladeshi hacker Tiger-M@te hack Google Malaysia services

North Gazette News/Kuala Lumpur
Internet users were unable to access of Google Malaysia services on Tuesday after Google Inc’s website was hacked by #Bangladeshi hacker Tiger-M@te.

As per reports, internet users could not access the Google Malaysia services and they were redirected to another page, hacked by #Bangladeshi hacker Tiger-M@te.

The internet users trying to access www.google.com.my were redirected to another website page, that says ‘Google Malaysia hacked by Tiger-M@te’, a hacker group reportedly based in Bangladesh.

An official of Google Malaysia told news agency Reuters that they had contacted the organisation managing Google Malaysia services to resolve the issue and the services would soon be restored.

As per media reports, Google Malaysia said that passwords of the users have not been compromised in the hacking attempt and the servers of the website have not been affected in the hacking attempt.

Meanwhile, the Google Malaysia assured the internet users that they would soon restore the services to normalcy but so far the internet were not able to access page.

Media reports says that the Google Malaysia page was being managed by MyNic and the technical staff were investigating the website after the hacking attack on feedback provided by the internet users of the country.

It is pertinent to mention here that Malaysian Airlines website was also hacked in January, however, the services were restored within few hours.