Arun Dhumal challenges CM for open debate on HPCA case

North Gazette News/Shimla

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) member and former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal’s son Arun Dhumal has accused the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh misleading statements on matters pertaining to HPCA and challenged him for open debate on the issue.

“Now that chief minister has opted for a public discourse on HPCA issue, I would like the Chief Minister for an open public debate on all the issues be it HPCA affairs or the corruption charges that I have leveled against him. He has been shying away on one pretext or the other and if he refuses to join for an open debate, I shall interact with media on April 16, 17to further expose how Singh has sacrificed state’s interest for his and his family’s personal gains,” he said.

Arun Dhumal said that it was very unfortunate that Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has again resorted to misleading people on HPCA just to cover up his misrule, nepotism and failure in governance.

He said that the abusive language and derogatory words that the CM had used for P K Dhumal and HPCA chief and MP Anurag Thakur was uncalled for and most unfortunate. “In fact, what Virbhadra Singh spoke at a rally in Hamirpur is highly misleading, out of place, factually incorrect and a bundle of lies,” he said.

“I am quite surprised that Singh has maintained complete silence regarding his infamous orchards producing ‘Golden Apples’ and crores of rupees taken from Vakamulla Chandershekhar in a quid pro-quo arrangement,” he said, adding that the CM had been shying away from media under the pretext that the matter is sub-judice. “But on the other hand, he is misleading the people of the state regarding HPCA affairs while Supreme Court has stayed this matter,” he said.

Arun Dhumal said that every Himachali was proud of HPCA’s achievements and the glory it had brought to state under the leadership of Anurag Thakur. The stadium and facilities created by HPCA for its players had been appreciated across the world by one and all. “But because of this repressive attitude of Singh, Himachal shall not be hosting any IPL game at Dharamshala this season. It is high time that Virbhadra Singh rather than abusing his political detractors, should come forward and explain why he sold out state’s interests for his own personal gains,” he questioned.

He added that the people of Himachal had hoped that Singh would have done some introspection and learnt some lessons from the defeat in Lok Sabha elections including that of his wife Pratibha Singh. But it seems he wants to continue with his old habit of twisting facts and using abusive language and derogatory words against his political opponents to gain media space and divert public’s anger against his own failures and misrule.