Anurag Thakur asks Srinivasan to reveal suspected bookies list

North Gazette News/Shimla
The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) secretary and BJP MP Anurag Thakur on Monday asked ICC chief N Srinivasan to reveal the list of suspected bookies in India and termed ICC’s advisory as counter offensive on his behalf.

In his letter written to ICC chief Srinivasan, Thakur said that the BCCI has received intimation from the ICC ostensibly under his direction that he should keep away from one. Karan Gilhotra who was a ‘suspected bookie’.

“The intimation further states that the information is unverified. I have earlier been the Joint Secretary of the BCCI under your President-ship and I am now Secretary, BCCI. I only wish that you had shared the list of unverified suspected bookies with me and other colleagues so that we could identify such persons and keep away from them,” Thakur said.

“I have known this person who has been active in the political and cricketing activities in Punjab and adjacent states. I had no knowledge or any clue about his ‘activities as a suspected bookie’,” Thakur further stated in his letter.

He said that it was curious that intimation about his having known this ‘suspected bookie’ was brought to the ICC notice by your friend Neeraj Gunde.

“Incidentally, Neeraj Gunde is circulating the information to the media in Delhi the details of documents against your critics in the BCCI. He operates on your behalf,” Thakur alleged.

He said that a procured complaint and an ICC advisory based on ‘unverified information’ was issued at your behest on the eve of the BCCI Working Committee meeting.

“It seems that it was intended to be a counter offensive on your behalf since you have not reconciled with my election as Secretary, BCCI. I would request at least now share with me or other colleagues in BCCI the list of suspected bookies in India, so that we may keep away from them,” he said.

“You may also share this information with your family members, whose involvement in betting has been proved,” he said, adding that ‘since the ICC advisory to me had been made in public, I would be making this letter to you public’.