Drunk Belgian national create ruckus in Singapore Airlines flights, arrested

North Gazette News/New Delhi
A drunk Belgian national allegedly created ruckus on Singapore Airlines flight and threatened to hijack the flight, forcing the flight crew to carryout emergency landing at Delhi Airport after which he was arrested.

As per reports, the incident took place on March 19 when Singapore Airlines flight was on its way to Singapore from Milan when the Belgian national identified as Opdrop Bailey created hijack scare.

Sources said that Bailey, who was heavily drunk, first tried to molest an airhostess but when he was confronted by the flight crew, he started misbehaving with other passengers and flight crew.

“Soon Bailey created ruckus in the flight and even threatened to hijack the flight, forcing the flight crew to divert from its scheduled path and carryout emergency landing,” sources said.

Police sources said that Singapore Airlines flight crew requested for emergency landing at Delhi airport, alleging hijack threat by a passengers after which the flight was grounded at Delhi Airport.

“Keeping in the seriousness of hijack threat, the CISF commandos swung into action after the flight landed at Delhi airport after which he was arrested,” police sources said.

Sources added that however, the Belgian national was released after interrogation and was allowed to go on its way to Singapore.