Average manhood size mystery unfolded by Scientists

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Most of the men in this world are worried about their manhood size as they don’t know what is the average size but the scientists have now come up with the answer of this question of debate.

In a survey conducted by the British scientists on over 15,000 males across the world, the scientists seems to have come up with conclusion to dispel the myths spreading in our society.

British scientists say that the average penis size is found about 5.16 inches or 13.12 centimetres, while the average girth is found around 11.66 cm (in erected stage).

A strange fact has come to light that only 2.28 percent of the males have unusually large and same numbers had abnormally small penis. This research was conducted on the male population size of 15,000 around the world.

This study found no correlation between race and penis size and majority of participants were European and Middle Eastern so it was quite difficult to make a thorough assessment.

But it is also a big question that it does really matter to females that how big or small size of penis is?

Women have given different answers. Some women want big size for better satisfaction. But the good news for the majority of men is that the size don’t matter for the majority of women, various researches have shown.