Two arrested for smuggling of leopard skins in Himachal

North Gazette News/Shimla
Himachal police have arrested two persons for smuggling of leopard skins and recovered four leopard skins from their possession.

As per reports, two persons identified as Karan Singh and Satish Kumar were arrested from Bilaspur during a routine checking.

Additional Director General of Police, Law and Order, Sanjay Kundu said that the duo, Karan Singh and Satish Kumar were stopped by police party during checking in Bilaspur. “The accused were travelling on a scooter with a white plastic bag when they were stopped by police officials on suspicion,”Kundu said.

Kundu said that the duo was asked to open the plastic bag after which four leopard skins were recovered from their possession and they were questioned about the recovery but they could not give any satisfactory reply.