Miscreants vandalise Hindu temple with hate messages in Washington

North Gazette News/New York
Unidentified miscreants on Monday vandalised Hindu temple with hate messages in Washington after which the authorities have launched a probe a into the entire incident.

As per reports, unidentified miscreants sprayed Swastika mark on Hindu Temple walls which is one of the biggest in the area with ‘Get Out’ message written on the Temple walls, located in Seattle Metropolitan area.

The incident come a day before when Temple authorities are celebrating Mahashivratri and the incident is being described by the authorities as malicious harassment.

Reports say that top officials of Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department have visited the Hindu temple premises on Monday and they are further investigating the matter.

Police authorities are paying special attention to the investigation in the case as the attack on Hindu Temple had taken place, a day before major Indian festival of Mahashivratri.

The Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre, Bothell, Washington Nitya Niranjan told Indian news agency PTI that such incidents should not happen in US and no one could tell them to leave country.

Niranjan said that some kind of paint was sprayed on the walls of the temple few years but the Hindu Temple didn’t report the incident to authorities as nothing was written.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has also condemned the hate attack on temple and called on the investigating agencies to ensure that all the perpetrators of this crime are identified and punishes as per the law.