Indian govt to bring new guidelines for adoption of children

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Indian government would soon come up with new guidelines for adoption of children to bring transparency and speed up the process of adoptions in the country.

Addressing Annual National Meet on Adoption organized by Child Adoption Resource Authority here today, Indian Women and Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi said that Central government would soon notify new Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children 2015 with the aim to bring transparency and speed up the process of adoptions.

Maneka Gandhi stressed on the need for speedy adoptions and said that there would be zero tolerance for all those who delay the process of adoption.

She also gave directions that the entire process of adoption of a child should not take more than 4 months and the performance of adoption agencies would now be monitored by the Ministry and CARA on a weekly basis.

She further elaborated that as per new adoption guidelines, a child shall be deemed to be declared legally free by police in case the police clearance is not received within 4-6 weeks.

“There would be a centralized system of registration at CARINGS (online adoption system) which would be transparent and provide complete and correct information about the children to be adopted,” Maneka Gandhi said.

She also expressed deep regret at the insensitive and careless attitude of the various institutions and organizations involved in the process of adoption, thereby causing huge delays and harming the interests of innocent children.

“The adoption agencies have been given a target of 15,000 adoptions in the current year,” she added.

Gandhi said that Adoption Reforms is the top most priority of her ministry. “It was due to this reason that the new Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2014 was drafted and placed in Parliament since the new Government took charge,” she said.

She said that the Act, once passed, would strengthen CARA and give more teeth to the implementation machinery.

“There are over 50,000 orphans in the country who can be adopted and more are being added on a daily basis,” she said, while issuing a warning to shut down all those agencies which report unavailability of children for adoption.

Gandhi said that she would write to the states to install CCTVs in hospitals/maternity homes to prevent illegal adoptions. “A media campaign would also be launched very soon to generate awareness among the people as well as various other stakeholders on legal adoptions,” she said.