Caught on camera: Businessman molests woman on Indigo flight, arrested

North Gazette News/New Delhi
An Orissa based businessman allegedly molested a woman on Indigo flight which was caught on camera after which she confronted him on the flight from Delhi to Bhubaneswar.

As per reports, the 60-year-old businessman allegedly tried to grope the woman who was sitting in a seat in front of him but she confronted him in front of passengers and caught the entire act on camera.

The victim alleged that the business attempted to grope her repeatedly through the gap between two seats on Indigo flight they were on their way to Bhubaneswar from Delhi.

The 32-year-old woman said that when the Indigo flight was about to land in Bhubaneswar, she saw his hand, again trying to molest her. But she confronted the businessman and humiliated him while recording the entire incident on camera.

“During the confrontation, the business didn’t deny that he molested the woman but kept on apologizing for his act,” the victim alleged.

The businessman is seen hiding his face while mumbling he is sorry for the act to which the woman said that why are you saying sorry after the deliberate act of molestation.

The woman later confronted him on the airport and recorded the entire incident to which the businessman said that he apologises for the entire incident and he won’t do it again as he was also the father of a girl.

The woman later uploaded the two videos on Youtube that had gone viral on social media.

The businessman was arrested upon landing at the Bhubaneswar airport but was later released on bail after the police officials registered a case in this regard.