34 swine flu cases reported in Punjab

North Gazette News/Chandigarh
As many as 34 swine flu cases has been reported in Punjab till February 8, 2015 out of a total 82 suspected cases, a Punjab government official said on Monday.

A Punjab government official said that 34 persons have tested positive for swine flu (H1N1 Influenza A) between January 1, 2015 to February 8, 2015, out of total 82 suspected cases in the state so far.

“Punjab government is providing free testing facilities for confirmation of disease and free treatment to all the patients reported from the state,” said the government official.

The government official said that sufficient number of ventilators, isolation wards and other logistics such as medicines etc are available in the state to tackle the swine flu cases.

“People are advised to report early (within 48 hrs) to the nearest health institution, in case any flu like symptoms arise. People are also advised to wash their hands frequently and cover their mouth and nose while sneezing/coughing,” the government official added.

He added that for any information, anyone can call on Department of Health and Family Welfare helpline 104 (Toll Free) and to get any advice on swine flu.

He added that following is the details of swine flu cases in Punjab:-

· Total suspected patients – 82

· Patients tested positive since 1st January, 2015 till 08/02/15 – 34

· Patients tested positive on 08/02/15 – 4

· Deaths till date (Due to H1N1 and co-morbid conditions) – 12