UP Dalits threaten to quit Hinduism if not accorded better treatment

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Even Hindu organisations would not have thought that their much publicised ‘Ghar Wapsi’ would become a bargaining chip for underprivileged Dalit families of Uttar Pradesh for seeking better treatment from upper caste people.

As per online new portal, First Post report, some UP Dalit families of Meerut and Agra had threatened to quit Hinduism and convert to Islam if they are not given better treatment by upper castes people in their villages.

The first incident has been reported from Jamalpur Goma village in Meerut while the other incident has been reported in Sikandrapur village of Agra where Dalit families have raised voice against ill-treatment meted out to them.

As per reports, Jamalpur Goma village’s 10 Dalit families had threatened to convert to Islam if they are not allowed to take out Shobha Yatra from Luv Kush Dwar till Valmiki Temple in Balaini. The priest of the temple had reportedly denied them permission to carry out the Shobha Yatra after which the villagers issued the statement.

The Dalit families had reportedly said they would convert to Islam if their demands are not met by January 26, 2015.

In the second incident, some families of Sikandrapur village of Agra had reportedly decided to hold a meeting on January 11, 2015 in support of their demand of better facilities in their village. The meeting, however, has been cancelled after they were given assurance by local BJP leader on the issue.

Experts are linking such threats with Ghar Wapsi program held in Agra where some people were given Ration Card and land for converting into Hinduism and they believe that the number of incidents is likely to go up in the future.