UK college starts first ever course for clicking perfect selfie

North Gazette News/London
UK based City Lit College has started a month-long course to teach budding photographers and selfie enthusiasts the art of clicking perfect selfie.

As per reports, City Lit College has started the course, called ‘The Art of Self Portaiture’ for clicking perfect selfie. But the students would have shell out 160 US Dollars (Rs 10,000) to improve critical understanding to click a perfect selfie.

City Lit College website offers insight into the course which is a ‘theory/practice introduction to photographic self-portraiture’. “It is conceived for students to improve their critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait, as well as a platform to develop ideas towards the creation of a coherent body of work,” College website description of the course states.

The course would include cover various aspects of selfies which included appreciation and critique of visual work from a variety of practitioners. It would teach students about recurrent ideas and concepts that surrounds self portraiture, brief enquiry into the notions of identity, selfhood and memory.

“Group discussions (informal crits), project development, evaluation of students’ previous photography in relation to the topic and final critique of work produced during the course,” reads the description of course on College’s website.

The students would be taught to use light and significant detail in their work and guidance on most flattering angles and lighting for clicking perfect selfie.