##Turn misfortune into fortune by pleasing god ‘Sun’ on Makar Skranti (January 15): Here are tips

North Gazette News/ Delhi
##It is the god ‘Sun’ who shapes the future of everyone on this earth. By pleasing the god ‘Sun’ you can turn your misfortune into fortune. And it is January 15 (Makar Skranti) the right day to do this.

This holy day has come after 83 years and will come again after a long period of 35 years. According to Hindu mythology this auspicious day is celebrated to worship god ‘Sun’.

Everyone who worship ‘sun’ on Makar Skranti gets special reward in his life. One can get his/her wishes fulfilled by doing these things on Makar Skranti

1. One should start his day in the morning by worshiping god Sun (Surya Namaskar). It is believed that god Sun can be pleased easily on this auspicious day.
2. To get best results, one should perform ” Daan” in morning hours after performing Skranit Snan.