Pilgrim’s eyes gouged out in Faijabad

North Gazette News/ Faijabad
In a rare crime incident of its own kind, a man who had come to Ayodhya on pilgrimage was first drugged by some unknown and then gouged out his eyes. Sources said that after the committing the crime, the victim was left unconscious and bleeding at Faijabad railway station. The victim has been identified as Krishna Dev Verma (35), a resident of Jharkhand’s Giridih district.

Police said that the some locals first befriended him and then drugded him.
Two policemen have been suspended for negligence, which were on duty. Verma was taken to hospital in the condition of unconsciousness. After gaining the consciousness he sought the help of hospital administration and then they informed his family. Thereafter the local police informed Jharkhand police. Later a four-member police team was also sent Jharkhand to meet Verma and his family. Senior Superintendent of Police, Faizabad KB Singh said that a team from the Crime Branch is investigating the matter.