Paris magazine terror attack: French cops kill two accused

North Gazette News/Paris
The two brothers, suspected of killing 12 persons including 10 journalists in terror attack on Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo has been killed by French police after they refused to surrender.

French cops have also killed the lone hostage taker at Jewish Supermarket located in eastern Paris. The hostage taker identified as Amedi Caulibaly had reportedly killed two people while four hostages have been killed in the hostage drama. Caulibaly is also suspected of killing a policewoman.

Paris magazine terror attack accused, Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two borthers pf Algerian origin were killed in gunbattle with French commandos who condcuted a coordinated offensive at a Printing Factory in Dammartin-en-Goele.

French authorities believe that there was a connection between Caulibaly and Kouachi brothers and they might know each others.

The Kouachi brothers who holed up in Printing Factory after a long chase by cops, refused to surrender before police and preferred to be martyred. The two brothers were reportedly killed after they hurled granades and opened fire on French police.

Eyewitnesses claim that there were four to five explosions at Printing Factory and they heard sounds of gunfire exchange between police officials and Paris magazine terror attack accused. Meanwhile, one hostage at Printing factory warehouse had been rescued by the French authorities and he had not suffered any injuries in the gunfire.

One woman accomplice of Jewish Supermarket attacker Caulibaly is reported to be still at large and French cops have launched a manhunt to nab her.