Paris attacker pledges allegiance to ISIS in online video

North Gazette News/Paris
Amedy Caulibaly, the one of three attackers and who carried out assault on Jewish Supermarket, was shown declaring his allegiance to ISIS in a video that was posted online on Sunday.

As per reports, French authorities have confirmed that it is Caulibaly who was involved in hostage drama at Jewish Supermarket in which four people were killed.

In the seven-minute online video, Caulibaly justified the attacks on Paris’ satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and Jewish people and reportedly termed the attacks a response to French army’s interventions in other nations.

In the French language video, Caulibaly had urged the French Muslims to follow his example and join Islamic state militant group, ISIS.

Caulibaly had reportedly shot dead a French police woman before taking several people hostage at Jewish supermarket and he was killed by French commandos’ offensive on Saturday evening.