Now book a taxi online for Rs 49 in Shimla

North Gazette News/Shimla
Now you can book a taxi online for Rs 49 in Shimla with TaxiForSure launching its services in Shimla from Wednesday onwards.

One can book a taxi by logging on the TaxiForSure mobile app or through the website ( or by simply calling 017760601010. You could avail TaxiForSure services at Rs 49 for the first 4 km, during the day time.

Announcing the launch of services, TaxiForSure Co-founder and CEO Raghunandan G said that they understand that citizens of Shimla are seeking a safe and easy commute solution. “It is now available for them at their preferred time and location, without the hassle of bargaining or multiple follow-ups,” Raghunandan said.

TaxiForSure CEO said the taxi rides had always been associated to special occasions or were considered as an expensive alternative especially for shorter trips.

“To address these critical issues, we have launched in Shimla and are confident that our services will meet all the requirements of the people here. With our competitive pricing, our services will soon become the preferred solution for even shorter trips.”

He said the enhance the safety of customers while you ride in any TaxiForSure cab, the company had introduced series of safety features.

“All cabs are now installed with advanced GPS system and a panic button. Further, you can use the ‘Inform a friend’ feature on the mobile app and send the details of your ride with a simple click. This message can go via sms / email / social media update.”

An aggregator of car rentals and cabs in India, TaxiForSure started its operations in Bangalore in June 2011. The uniqueness of this firm lies in the fact that they work with existing cab operators and empower them with technology and soft-skills to ensure great service.

This strategic approach along with cutting-edge technology ensures that TaxiForSure customers get an accessible, safe, and economical taxi ride for sure. TaxiForSure is the brainchild of IIM-A alumni Aprameya Radhakrishna.