Nepal introduces new safety norms, reduces fees for Everest hike

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Nepal has introduced new safety norms and has reduced fees for Everest hike to lure trackers from across the globe for climbing expedition on world’s highest peak.

As per reports, fees for Everest hike has been reduced by more than half to 11,000 US Dollars from the earliest rate of 25,000 US Dollars as the number of hikers reducing drastically.

Reports say that the rate for hiking on other mountains of picturesque country are likely to go down in coming days.

Nepal government has also introduced new safety norms for Mount Everest climbing after recent accidents raising concern over measures taken for the safety of hikers and Sherpas.

After the October accident in which 43 persons were killed, there has been complete shutdown of Mount Everest hike with Nepali Sherpa guides also refusing to climb the mountain fearing avalanches on the route.

However, hikers feel that Mount Everest is too overcrowded during the climbing and it was the reason that was distracting hikers from across the globe from visiting the country to undertake hiking expeditions.

Earlier on March 2014, 13 persons were killed during Mount Everest hiking expedition.