Microsoft unveils new operating system Windows 10

North Gazette/New Delhi
US tech giant Microsoft would unveil its new operating system Windows 10 for public beta testing in an event at its Seattle based headquarters that can run on your PC, Tablet, Smartphone and even on gaming console.

As per reports, the mobile version of new operating system Windows 10 would be launched in February and Microsoft is likely replace its Internet Explorer browser with an app named Spartan.

Microsoft’s new internet browser in new operating system Windows 10, Spartan is likely to adorn looks like Google Chrome and it is reportedly light weight browser. However, Windows 10 would come with IE 11 and Spartan to ensure its internet browsers compatibility with all online websites.

Microsoft had first presented new OS Windows 10 in April to redress consumers concerns over shortcomings in the user interface of Windows 8.

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 would aim to improve experience of users on non-touchscreen devices i.e. PC, Laptops and new OS is like to witness revival of the desktop start menu icon as is seen in Windows 7.

Windows 10 is likely to feature virtual desktop system with ability to run Windows Store apps within Windows and also in full screen mode and the new OS would combine all Microsoft’s product families as Windows, Windows Phone and other Windows embedded products on single internal core.