Matric, Plus Two exam datesheets: See here

North Gazette News/Dharamshala
HP Education Board on Thursday announced Matric, Plus Two exam datesheets and the examination for these classes would begin from March 3, 2015 onwards.

A HPBOSE spokesperson said that Matric exams of regular, private, SOS would begin on March 4 while Plus Two exams of regular, private, SOS would begin March 3.

Matric Exam datesheet

1. Mathematics on March 4
2. English on March 7
3. Social Science on March 9
4. Sanskrit/Urdu/Punjabi/Tamil/Telugu on March 11
5 Science and Technology on March 13
6. Hindi on March 16
7. Drawing/Music/Home Science/Computer Science/Automobiles(NSQF)/Security(NSQF)/Retail (NSQF)/Healthcare (Normal/Fast)/Information Technology Enabled Services (Normal
(NSQF)/Financial Literacy (NSQF) on March 18

Plus Two exam datesheeet

1. English on March 3
2. General Foundation Course (Common for all Vocational Groups)(SOS)/Music (Hindustani Vocal/Hindustani Instrumental)/Melodic/Hindustani Instrumental Percussion on March
3. Political Science on March 5
4. Mathematics on March 7
5 Economics on March 9
6. History/Vocational Theory-IV(Financial Accounting-II)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-IV(Desk Top Publishing(DTP)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-IV(Electronics Instrumentation)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-IV(Electrical Machines and Wiring)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-IV (Floriculture and Mushroom Production) on March 10
7. Biology/Business Studies/French/Urdu on March 11
8. Hindi/Vocational Theory-V(Elements of Cost Accounting)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-V(Computer Network) (SOS)/Vocational Theory-V(Consumer Electronics)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-V(Domestic Appliances-Motorised)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-V(Post Harvest Technology)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-V(Management of Food Processing Plant)(SOS) on March 12
9. Geography on March 13
10. Accountancy/Physics/Sanskrit on March 14
11. Human Ecology a Family Science (H.Sc)/Vocational Theory -VI(Auditing)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-VI(Computer Commercial Applications)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-VI(Industrial Electronics)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-VI(Engineering Materials and Workshop Practice-II)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-VI(Plant Protection Et Bee Keeping)(SOS)/Vocational Theory-VI(Food Packaging)(SOS) on March 16
12. Chemistry/Dance (Kathak/Bharat Natyam)/Fine Arts: Painting, Graphic, Sculpture and Applied Arts on March 17
13. Public Administration on March 18
14. Physical Education/Yoga on March 19
15. Computer Science (I.P.) on March 20
16. Sociology on March 21
17. Philosophy/Automobiles (NSQF)/Healthcare (NSQF)/Information Technology Enabled Services (NSQF)/Security (NSQF)/Retail (NSQF) on March 23
18. Psychology on March 24