List of PTA DPEs' taken over on contract

North Gazette News/Shimla
Himachal government on Saturday issued orders to take PTA DPEs on contract under the new policy to regularise their services.

The office order read as under:-

In pursuance to the decision taken by the Govt. and further conveyed by the Principal Secretary (Education) to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh vide letter No. EDN-AKha(7)6/2012dated 16th August, 2013, further clarification dated 24.05.2014 and 02nd January,2015 and on the recommendation of Screening Committee constituted at the Directorate level,the services of the following DPEs who were engaged/ provided by the PTA under Grant-inAid Rules-2006 in Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools in H.P. against the sanctioned post and have completed seven years of continuous services as on 31.12.2014 are hereby taken over purely on Contract basis with immediate effect on the salary of minimum Pay Band (Rs. 10300/-) + Grade Pay (Rs 3600/-) per month. The DPEs are directed to report for duties in the respective schools of their present posting where they are already posted within the prescribed time subject to the acceptance and fulfillment of the following terms and conditions.

Sr. No. Name of DPE Present place of posting Categ ory Date of Birth
Date of first engagement / hired on PTA basis.

1 Surender Kumar GSSS Bhakra, Bilaspur Gen. 10.11.1976 29.08.2006
2 Ravinder Singh GSSS Swahan, Bilaspur Gen. 12.02.1976 29.06.2006
3 Gurdeep Singh GSSS Tarsooh, Bilaspur Gen 09.08.1974 11.09.2006
4 Gurmeet Singh GSSS Mittiyan, Solan Gen 08.03.1974 01.07.2006
5 Kamlesh GSSS, Tandu, Mandi Gen 7.10.1974 28.9.2006
6 Ravi Singh GSSS, Golwan, Mandi Gen 19.9.1975 04.09.2006
7 Ajay Kumar GSSS Seoh, Mandi Gen 11.07.1979 18.09.2006
8 Lekh Ram GSSS, Sudhar, mandi OBC 04.04.1979 29.06.2006
9 Muni Lal GSSS Keolidhar, Mandi Gen 21.05.1975 29.06.2006
10 Samer Singh GSSS Nauhli ,Mandi Gen 19.10.1974 30.06.2006
11 Rajesh Kumar GSSS Kao, Mandi Gen 11.02.1977 03.11.2006
12 Raj Kumar GSSS Langna, Mandi Gen 04.04.1977 01.01.2007
13 Chetan Sharma GSSS Duttnagar, Shimla Gen 08.03.1981 29.06.2006
14 Rajeev Sharma GSSS Kiara, Shimla Gen 27.05.1969 01.07.2006
15 Surinder Singh GSSS Khunni, Shimla Gen 02.06.1977 29.06.2006
16 Vijay Singh GSSS Narain, Shimla Gen 12.05.1972 29.06.2006
17 Mohan Lal GSSS Dharampur Madhan, Shimla Gen 15.02.1978 14.09.2006
18 Sunil Kumar GSSS Khamadi, Shimla Gen 29.03.1978 29.06.2006
19 Satish Kumar GSSS Jeori, Shimla Gen 04.01.1979 28.10.2006
20 Chander Prakash GSSS Pulbahal, Shimla Gen 16.04.1980 09.11.2006
21 Arun Chauhan GSSS Sari, Shimla Gen 12.05.1981 28.12.2006
22 Jagat Singh GSSS, Gaunth , Shimla Gen 11.09.1984 21.12.2006
23 Jiteshwar Dutta GSSS Pujarli-4, Shimla Gen 03.03.1983 03.10.2006
24 Ajay Kumar GSSS Pujarli-3, Shimla Gen 16.02.1977 30.06.200625 Yash Dev GSSS Khundian, Kangra SC 04.05.1972 29.06.2006
26 Rajiv Kumar GSSS(B) Garli (Kangra) Gen 20.01.1976 22.09.2006
27 Mahadev Singh GSSS Ghar, Kangra Gen 29.09.1977 26.09.2006
28 Khem Raj G(G)SSS Nurpur, Kangra ST 10.03.1979 01.09.2006
29 Rakesh Kumar GSSS(B) Nurpur , Kangra ST 19.5.1978 01.09.2006
30 Ashoka GSSS Dainkwan, Kangra 10.05.1980 01.09.2006
31 Kamal Naian GSSS Darini, kangra Gen 03.01.1971 01.11.2006
32 Suresh Kumar GSSS Rajiana , Kangra OBC 08.11.1972 23.11.2006
33 Pawan Kumar GSSS Ladori, Kangra Gen 10.11.1980 06.09.2006
34 Rahul Pathania GSSS Gharjarot, Kangra Gen 17.07.1983 18.09.2006
35 Vijay Singh GSSS Kandi Dholran, Kangra Gen 02.04.1982 01.09.2006
36 Varinder Singh GSSS Sadwan, Kangra Gen 22.03.1981 01.09.2006
37 Babu Ram GSSS Dagoh, Kangra Gen 12.02.1973 01.09.2006
38 Anuj Kumar GSSS Tamber , Kangra SC 18.07.1980 01.09.2006
39 Santosh Kumar GSSS Sanej, Kullu Gen 01.03.1983 29.06.2006
40 Sanjay Kumar GSSS Lagauti, Kullu Gen 16.11.1974 29.06.2006
41 Kalzang Chundui GSSS Kibber , L & S ST 25.10.1980 22.09.2006
42 Nawang lote GSSS Lossar, L& S ST 28.12.1979 26.09.2006
43 Jaimal Singh GSSS Bijhari, Hamirpur Gen 16.11.1977 01.10.2006
44 Satpal Singh GSSS Kakriar, Hamirpur Gen 22.10.1981 12.09.2006
45 Pawan Kumar GSSS Lower Hareta, Hamirpur Gen 30.09.1974 31.08.2006
46 Vinod Kumar GSSS Bhanjal, Una Gen 04.11.1981 28.08.2006
47 Rakesh Kumar GSSS Ambehra, Una Gen 09.03.1976 20.09.2006
48 Rajiv Jaswal GSSS Saroh, Una Gen 16.10.1979 08.09.2006
49 Balvinder Singh GSSS Baliwal, Una OBC 29.11.1978 11.09.2006
50 Ram Paul GSSS Bathu, Una ST 20.07.1977 29.08.2006
51 Puran Chand GSSS Kamaru, Sirmour Gen 20.06.1971 29.06.2006
52 Vijay Kumar GSSS Narag, Sirmour Gen 19.06.1979 29.06.2006
53 Ranjeet Singh GSSS Khanag, Kullu Gen 22.03.1977 15.11.2006
54 Rajesh Kumar GSSS Jaure Amb, Hamirpur Gen 08.07.1980 01.12.2006
55 Kamaljeet GSSS Shorshas, Mandi Gen 31.01.1977 16.11.2006
56 Avinash Sharma GSSS Saloa, Bilaspur GEN 10.01.1982 07.09.2007
57 Sumen Kumar GSSS Narge, Bilaspur ST 08.01.1981 21.09.2007
58 Rajeev Kumar GSSS Baddu, Bilaspur GEN 20.12.1977 23.04.2007
59 Dinesh Kumar GSSS Malraon, Bilaspur GEN 09.06.1977 06.10.2007
60 Inder Singh Verma GSSS Kuh-Manjhwar, Bilaspur GEN 04.05.1973 28.08.2007
61 Mohender Kumar GSSS Soldho, Bilaspur GEN 01.01.1982 27.08.2007
62 Ramesh Chand GSSS Nakhlehra, Bilaspur GEN 05.08.1978 07.09.2007
63 Umesh Kumar GSSS Dharwas, Pangi, Chamba ST 11.09.1982 04.11.2006
64 Vinay Katoch GSSS Sanhoon, Kangra GEN 01.06.1980 21.07.2007
65 Tilak Raj Angaria GSSS Kiarwan, Kangra OBC 12.12.1974 27.09.2007
66 Anil Kumar GSSS Atyala Dai, Kangra GEN 05.08.1980 01.10.2007
67 Shivender Singh GSSS Harsar, Kangra GEN 10.04.1974 26.09.2007
68 Manish Jaswal GSSS Passu, Kangra GEN 24.02.1976 25.09.2007
69 Ashutosh GSSS Upparli Kothi, Kangra SC 06.10.1978 21.09.2007
70 Rakesh Kumar GSSS Ballah, Kangra SC 17.03.1981 26.09.2007
71 Sudhir Kumar GSSS Dhaloon , Kangra OBC 28.08.1976 02.01.2007
72 Anilkumar GSSS Nagrota Surian, Kangra OBC 14.06.1975 25.08.2007
73 Neeraj Kant GSSS Kunsal, Kangra GEN 15.08.1975 27.06.200774 Sanjeev Dagotra GSSS Zamanaabad, Kangra OBC 10.04.1979 21.06.2007
75 Arun Kumar GSSS Sari-Molag, Kangra GEN 31.03.1979 15.02.2007
76 Ved Parkash GSSS Lahat, Kangra OBC 01.10.1975 07.09.2007
77 Arivind Rana GSSS Balakrupi, Kangra GEN 09.05.1979 06.10.2007
78 Parveen Kumar GSSS Manai, Kangra OBC 07.05.1981 22.09.2007
79 Rajeev Kumar GSSS Arhal, Shimla SC 22.07.1978 16.04.2007
80 Rohit Bhandari GSSS Deha, Shimla Gen 10.04.1980 08.10.2007
81 Balkrishan GSSS Dhadi Rawat, Shimla Gen 26.06.1979 12.09.2007
82 Ramesh Chand GSSS Tharoch, Shimla Gen 07.01.1978 01.09.2007
83 Sham Lal GSSS Thaili Chakti, Shimla SC 08.11.1973 26.07.2007
84 Mehar Singh GSSS Dhar Chandna, Shimla Gen 04.04.1980 26.07.2007
85 Parshotam GSSS Bassi, Mandi GEN 17.11.1983 08.10.2007
86 Anil Kumar GSSS Drubbal, Mandi GEN 24.01.1978 10.05.2007
87 Sunil Kumar GSSS Kamlah, Mandi SC 25.03.1980 21.09.2007
88 Jitander Kumar GSSS Bhanthal, Mandi GEN 26.02.1976 30.11.2007
89 Sanjeev Kumar GSSS Panjalag, Mandi GEN 27.12.1975 06.09.2007
90 Manoj Kumar GSSS Jukhla, Bilaspur Gen 15.07.1978 12.09.2006
91 Kulyash Rai GSSS Saloh, Una SC 23.09.1978 25.08.2007
92 Harish Kalia GSSS Chintpurni Una Gen. 19.08.1981 25.08.2007
93 Sukhvinder Kaur GSSS Sanoli Una OBC 10.12.1978 09.10.2006
94 Vivek Changkum GSSS Rakchham Kinnaur ST 25.12.1984 07.04.2007
95 Jas Mohan GSSS Rarang Kinnaur ST 15.12.1975 14.05.2007
96 Dhanbir Singh GSSS Kaulanwala Bhood, Sirmaur GEN 16.03.1970 25.09.2007
97 Anjana Thakur GSSS Jadol-Taproli, Sirmaur GEN 18.11.1979 12.09.2007
98 Himanshu GSSS Ludhiana, Sirmaur GEN 09.08.1981 21.09.2007
Necessary directions for DDOs/Controlling officers/Principals before signing the
agreement with the teacher:-

(1) The services of only those PTA provided DPEs under Grant-in-Aid have been
taken over who have put in seven years of continuous service on 31.12.2014. Before
signing the agreement, concerned DDO/Controlling officer/Principals are
directed to check if there is any break in the continuity of service on any account
in respect of the DPE concerned, if so found, the matter may be brought to the
notice of this Directorate immediately (while deciding this period, unauthorised
absence be taken into consideration).
(2) It may also be ensured that no enquiry/vigilance case is pending against concerned
Terms and conditions
1. Since the Appointment is being given purely on contract basis, the Appointee will have to
execute a bond on the judicial paper with the Principal of concerned school, on behalf of Director Higher Education where he/she is taken over that he/she has carefully gone through the conditions of the contract appointment and the conditions imposed are acceptable to him/her. The joining report will be accepted only after the execution of the requisite bond between the Head of Institution and the appointee as per annexure ‘A’.
2 It will be the personal responsibility of the Principal to inform this Directorate joining of the concerned DPE.
3 That the educational and professional qualifications possessed by the candidate will be the same as prescribed by the Department for the post at the time of entry to the grade /post. The Head of the School will also ensure that the educational and professional qualification possessed by the candidate is from a recognized University and in case of non-fulfillment of requisite qualification the matter will be brought to the notice of Directorate where upon the services shall be terminated without assigning any further reasons. Relevant documents of DPE being appointed under reserve categories may also be verified and if the verification reveals that the claim to belong to reserve categories, as the case may be is false, similar procedure shall be followed as in case General category candidate. All necessary verification to this effect is to be made by the Head of the concerned school at the time of his joining.
Duly attested copies of certificates be kept in the Office for record.
4 The appointee is liable to serve in any part of the State as per the administrative requirements
of the Department and shall have to serve at least one term in the Tribal/Difficult areas. If posted in non Tribal /Non-Difficult area, he / she shall be posted at any time in Tribal /Difficult areas as per the administrative requirements of the Department.
5 The contractual appointee will be paid fixed contractual amount @ Rs. 13900/- per month (which shall be equal to minimum of pay band + grade Pay). The Contract appointee will be entitled for annual increase in contractual amount (3% of the minimum of pay Band + Grade Pay) as Annual increase in contractual emoluments for the subsequent year (s) will be allowed if contract is extended beyond one year.
6 The Contract will be renewed on year to year basis by the Principal of concerned school on behalf of the Director Higher Education subject to good performance and good conduct.
7 The service of the contract appointee will be purely on temporary basis. The appointment is liable to be terminated in case the performance / conduct of the contract appointee is not found satisfactory.
8 Contractual DPE will be entitled for one day casual leave after putting one month service. However the contract employee will also be entitled for 16 weeks Maternity leave, 10 days Medical Leave and five days special leave. He/ She shall not be entitled for MedicalReimbursement and LTC etc. No leave of any other kind except above is admissible to the contractual employee. However un availed casual leave and Medical leave can be accumulated to the calendar year and will not be carried forward for the next calendar year.
9 Unauthorized absence from the duty without the approval of the controlling authority shall automatically lead to the termination of the contract. Contractual DPE will not be entitled for contractual amount for the period of absence from duty.
10 An official appointed on contract basis who have completed three years of service as such at one place of posting will be eligible for Transfer on need based wherever required on Administrative grounds except as stated in terms and conditions No. 4.
11 Selected candidate will have to submit a certificate of his/her fitness from a Government Medical Officer. Women candidate pregnant beyond 12 weeks will stand temporarily unfit till the confinement is over. Such women candidate will be allowed to join upon fitness certificate from an Government Medical Officer.
12 Contract appointee will be entitled to TA/DA if required to go on tour in connection with his/her official duties at the same rate as applicable to regular officials at the minimum of pay scale.
13 Provision of service rules like FR, SR, Leave Rules, GPF Rules & Pension Rules etc. as
applicable in case of regular employee will not be applicable to contract appointees.
14 The appointment to the service shall be subject to order regarding reservation in the service for Scheduled Castes /Scheduled Tribes /other Backward Classes /other categories of persons issued by the Himachal Pradesh Government from time to time.
15 He/She will have to give a declaration to the effect that He/ She has only living spouse, if married
16 He/She will have to take an oath of allegiance /faithfulness to the constitution of India or making solemn affirmation.
17 The appointee (s) should be a bonafide resident of Himachal Pradesh. If these specific as well as usual terms and conditions are acceptable to the
candidate(s), he/she will report for duty at the institution of his/her posting within 15 days from the date of issue of these orders along with documents required to be produced as per terms of this order and will execute the requisite bond of contract, failing which the offer of the appointment shall automatically stand cancelled and the candidate will have no right to claim it.
These orders are available on Departmental website i.e.

Director Higher Education
Himachal Pradesh
Endst. No. Even Dated: Shimla-171001 the , the 3rd January, 2015
Copy for information and further necessary action to:-
1. The Additional Chief Secretary (Higher Education) to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-171002.
2. The concerned Deputy Director of Higher Education, Himachal Pradesh with the
direction that the character and antecedents of the candidates appointed in the schools under his control may be got verified within three months of the date of their joining and reports be sent to this Directorate within 10 days after completion of the scheduled date /time of three months. The intimation of the joining of the candidates in his district may also be sent.
3. The concerned Principal of the schools with the directions that before accepting the joining report of the candidate it may be ensured that a bond on Judicial Paper (intriplicate) is required to be executed between the Head of the institution and the contract appointee as per specimen copy enclosed. Original copy of the bond will be retained in the office of the schools, other copy is to be handed over to the appointee and third copy will be forwarded to this Directorate along with joining report. Their joining will be incomplete if this office has not received aforesaid documents. The joining of appointee will be treated from the date of signing of the bond:-
4. The D.A. dealing with seniority/Transfer/Pay fixation matters in the Physical Education Branch (internal) Directorate of Higher Education with the directions that the separate seniority of the teachers appointed on contract basis be maintained.
5. Individual concerned.
6. The Guard file
         Director Higher Education
Himachal Pradesh Annexure‐“A ”
Form of contract/ agreement to be executed between the DPE (Name of the post) and the Government of
Himachal Pradesh through Director of Higher Education. (Designation of the Appointing Authority).
This agreement is made on this _______________ day of ____________ in the year____________ between                    
Contract appointee (hereinafter called the FIRST PARTY), AND The Governor of Himachal Pradesh through   
Director of Higher Education (Designation of the Appointing Authority)/Head of the Institution i.e.
Principal/Headmaster (here‐in‐after the SECOND PARTY).  
Whereas , the SECOND PARTY has engaged the aforesaid FIRST PARTY and the  FIRST PARTY has agreed to serve
as a DPE (Name of the post) on contract basis on the following terms & conditions:‐ 
1. That the FIRST PARTY shall remain in the service of the SECOND PARTY as a DPE (Name of the post) for a
period of 1 year commencing on day of ________________ and ending on the day of__________ It is
specifically mentioned and agreed upon by both the parties that the contract of the FIRST PARTY with
SECOND PARTY shall ipso‐facto stand terminated on the last working day i.e on
_________________And information/ notice shall not be necessary.
2. The contractual amount of the FIRST PARTY will be Rs. 13900/‐ per month.
3. The service of FIRST PARTY will be purely on temporary basis. The appointment is liable to be  
terminated in case the performance/ conduct of the contract appointee is not found good or if a regular
incumbent is appointed/ posted against the vacancy for which the first party was engaged on contract.
4. The contractual appointment shall not confer any right to incumbent for the regularization of service at
any stage.
5. Contractual DPE (Name of the post) will be entitled for one day casual leave after putting in one month
service. This leave can be accumulated up to    one year. No leave of any kind is admissible to the
contractual DPE (Name of the post). He will not be entitled for Medical Reimbursement and L.T.C etc.
Only maternity leave will be given as per Rules.
6. Unauthorized absence from the duty without the approval of the Controlling Officer shall automatically
lead to the termination of the contract. A contractual DPE (Name of the post) will not be entitled for
contractual amount for the period of absence from duty.
7. Transfer of an official appointed on contract basis will not be permitted from one place to another in
any case. An official appointed on contract basis who have completed three years tenure at one place
of posting will be eligible for transfer on need basis wherever required on administrative grounds.   
8. Selected candidate will have to submit a certificate of his/her fitness from a Government/ Registered
Medical Practitioners. In case of Woman candidates pregnant beyond twelve weeks will render her
temporarily unfit till the confinement is over. The woman candidate should be re‐examined for fitness
from an authorized Medical Officer/ Practitioner.
9. Contract appointee will be entitled to TA/DA, if required, to go on tour in connection with his /her
official duties at the same rate as applicable to regular counter‐part official.
10      The Employees Group Insurance Scheme as well as EPF/GPF will not be applicable to contractual
              WITNESS the FIRST PARTY AND SECOND PARTY have herein to set their
hands the day, month and year first, above written
1. ___________________________________
(Name and full address)
       (Signature of the FIRST PARTY)
2. ___________________________________
   ___________________________________(Name and full address)
1. ___________________________________
(Name and full address)
      (Signature of the SECOND PARTY)
2. ___________________________________
(Name and full address)