List of 559 PTA TGTs brought on contract- See here

North Gazette News/Shimla
Himachal government on Saturday released the first list of 559 PTA TGTs who would be taken on contract under the new policy for their regularisation.

A state government spokesperson said that the list of 559 PTA TGTs to bring on government contract for regularisation of their services after High Court nod.

He said that since the services are being taken over purely on contract basis, the candidate will have to execute a bond on judicial paper with the Principal/Headmaster of concerned school, where he/she is posted that he/she has carefully gone through the conditions of the contract appointment and the conditions imposed are acceptable to him/her. The joining report will be accepted only after the execution of the requisite bond between the Head of institution and the candidate.

The contract will be initially for one year and the candidate shall have to enter in to fresh contract agreement with the head of institution after completion of one year. The contract shall be extendable on year to year basis subject to satisfactory performance of the candidate.

The Head of the school will ensure that the educational and professional qualifications possessed by the candidate are R&P Rules at the time when they were deployed as a PTA (GIA Rules 2006) and is from a recognized University/institution. Necessary verification to this effect is to be made by the Head of the concerned school at the time of joining of the candidate. Duly attested copies of certificates awarded to the candidates by the recognized University/Board be kept in the office for record.
LIST OF PTA teachers brought under contract
Directorate of Elementary Education
Himachal Pradesh.
No:EDN-H (2) B (2)-36/2014-PTA Dated: Shimla-171001, the 3rd January, 2015.
In pursuance and compliance to the Government instructions contained in the
letter No: EDN-A-kha(7)-6/2012-L dated 16.8.2013, EDN-A(6)8/2005-XI-L dated 24.5.2014, EDN-A( Kha) (7)6/2012 dated 18.12.2014, EDN-A-Kha(7)6/2012 dated 29.12.2014 and 2.1.15 and as per verification by the Principals/Headmasters /Dy. Directors of Elementary Education concerned and on the recommendations of the screening committee( approved by the Govt. vide letter No: EDN-Kha (7) 6/2012-L dated 30.12.2014) which is further based on the verification of sub-committee constituted at the Directorate level, the services of PTA provided teachers who have completed seven years continuous service without break and fulfill the requisite
qualifications in accordance with R&P Rules at the time when they were deployed as a PTA (GIA Rules 2006) as per orders of the Govt. conveyed vide letter No:EDN-A-Kha(7)-6/2012-loose dated 2.1.15 and who were engaged in the stream of Arts Non-Medical and Medical under PTA (GIA Rules 2006) in GMS/GHS and GSSS in H.P. against sanctioned vacant posts are hereby taken over purely on contract basis on the fixed salary of Rs.13900/- with immediate effect subject to the acceptance and fulfillment of the
following specific terms and conditions :-
Name of PTA
Name of School Distt. Subject Cate
D.O.B Date of
release of
1 Sanjeev Kumar GHS, Tepra Bilaspur NM Gen 20.04.84 08.09.06
2 Sh. Lal Singh GHS, Tepra-Khas Bilaspur NM Gen 24.12.73 29.06.06
3 Sh. Vijay Ram GSSS, Nakrana Bilaspur Arts Gen 20.01.79 29.06.06
4 Smt. Usha Kumari GMS, Swana u/c
GSSS, Nakrana
Bilaspur Arts Gen 03.04.83 29.06.06
5 Smt. Kiran Bala GSSS, Behal Bilaspur Arts OBC 15.09.71 29.06.06
6 Sh. Girdhari Lal GSSS, Saloa Bilaspur Arts ST 02.06.80 01.07.06
7 Smt. Anjana
GSSS, Jabloo Bilaspur Medical Gen 13.03.73 24.03.07
8 Smt. Harpreet Kaur GHS, Majari Bilaspur Arts OBC 10.07.74 01.03.07
9 Deepti Mahajan GMS Motla U/c
GSSS, Dhullara
Chamba Medical Gen 25-Aug-77 29-Jun-06
10 Amit Kumar GMS sarog u/c
GSSS, Dhullara
Chamba NM Gen 8-Aug-79 29-Jun-06
11 Sanjay Kumar GMS Kathla u/c
GSSS, Dhullara
Chamba Arts Gen 4-May-75 29-Jun-06
12 Sudhir Singh GHS Jolna Chamba Arts Gen 14-Sep-70 1-Jul-06
13 Anjana Devi GMS Kakian u/c
GSSS, Kumharka
Chamba NM Gen 21-May-79 22-Sep-06
14 Anuradha Sahore GHS Panjoh Chamba NM Gen 14-Mar-79 5-Sep-06
15 Sh. Vikram Chand GMS Ullansa Chamba Arts ST 7-Nov-82 29-Jun-06
16 Tilak Raj GMS Groundi Chamba Arts Gen 8-Nov-75 29-Jun-06
17 Bharti GSSS Sundla Chamba Medical Gen 25-Mar-80 29-Jun-06
18 Esha Thapa GHS Ghatasni Chamba Medical Gen 9-Dec-82 1-Mar-07
19 Karnail Singh GSSS Bharmour Chamba Arts ST 16-Sep-79 16-Oct-06
20 Sandeep Kumar GMS Kamla u/c
GSSS, Sihunta
Chamba NM Gen 7-Mar-81 29-Jun-06
21 Savita Devi GMS Kamla u/c
GSSS, Sihunta
Chamba Arts SC 10-Feb-82 29-Jun-06
22 Sakshi Bala GMS Naloh u/c
GSSS Sihunta
Chamba Medical OBC 21-Dec-82 29-Jun-06
23 Bishan Dass GMS Chamroli u/c Chamba Arts Gen 1-Dec-72 29-Jun-06 GSSS, Chaned
24 Pavinder Kumar GHS Tralla Chamba Arts Gen 18-Mar-78 29-Jun-06
25 Sunil Kumar GMS Karori
U/c GSSS Pukhri
Chamba NM Gen 10-Jul-75 29-Jun-06
26 Ashok Kumar GHS Sinyur Chamba NM ST 3-Aug-80 1-Jul-06
27 Vinay Kumar GHS Sinyur Chamba Arts ST 14-Mar-82 1-Aug-06
28 Sanjay Kumar GSSS Simni Chamba Arts Gen 15-Feb-77 14-Sep-06
29 Arvind Kumar GMS Saal U/C
GSSS Chakloo
Chamba NM Gen 11-Jul-82 1-Jan-07
30 Balak Ram GHS (G) Bharmour Chamba Arts ST 18-Jan-79 26-Oct-06
31 Parveen Kumar GHS Parihar Chamba Arts SC 27-Dec-82 7-Apr-06
32 Geeta GHS Sahali Chamba Medical ST 15-Dec-82 23-Oct-06
33 Raj Kumar GHS Sahali Chamba Arts Sc 25-Oct-82 26-Oct-06
34 Kamla GHS Sahali Chamba Arts ST 30-May-83 26-Oct-06
35 Sapna Kumari GSSS Tundi Chamba NM Gen 26-Nov-74 20-Sep-06
36 Neeraj Singh GMS Panjala u/c
GSS, Tundi
Chamba Medical Gen 12-Oct-80 29-Jun-06
37 Rakesh Kumar GMS Panjala u/c
GSS, Tundi
Chamba Arts ST 15-Aug-83 29-Jun-06
38 Kamla Devi GSSS Bhandal Chamba Arts Gen 28-Jan-77 3-Oct-06
39 Jatinder Kumar GHS Sanghani Chamba Arts ST 18-Jun-76 29-Jun-06
40 Kumari Rita GHS Sanghani Chamba Arts Gen 19-Mar-79 11-Oct-06
41 Kamlesh Kumar GHS Sanghani Chamba NM Gen 1-Jul-80 16-Oct-06
42 Shiv Kumar GSSS Chelbunglow

Chamba Arts ST 30-Mar-78 29-Jun-06
43 Ashish Kumar GSSS Khajjiar Chamba Arts Gen 24-Dec-80 29-Jun-06
44 Suresh Kumar GSSS Khajjiar Chamba Arts Gen 8-Dec-78 29-Jun-06
45 Antima GSSS Banikhet Chamba NM Gen 21-Sep-78 22-Jun-06
46 Rajeev GSSS Randoh Chamba NM Gen 14-Jul-77 10-Jul-06
47 Ravinder Kumar GHS Nayagran Chamba Arts ST 5-Jan-81 18-Sep-06
48 Kamal Singh GSSS Gehra Chamba Arts Gen 15-Mar-77 1-Jul-06
49 Suman Kumar GHS Gurad Chamba NM Gen 11-Oct-73 1-Jul-06
50 Vikas Kumar GSSS Kiani Chamba Arts Gen 26-Apr-78 8-Sep-06
51 Raman Sharma GMS Jadoli Chamba NM Gen 11-Nov-79 16-Oct-06
52 Shiv Kumar GMS Rang u/c GSSS
Chamba NM Gen 14-Jul-83 1-Sep-06
53 Sangeeta GSSS Hobar Chamba Medical Gen 2-Jan-84 29-Jun-06
54 Trilok Nath GMS Kuddi u/c
GSSS Hobar
Chamba NM Gen 31-Mar-78 1-Sep-06
55 Rajesh Kumar GMS Urei,
GSSS, Ranuh kothi
Chamba Arts ST 18.03.73 29.06.06
56 Hem Raj GHS Nadal Chamba Arts Gen 11.04.81 22.07.006
57 Babita Kumari GSSS Kohlari Chamba Arts Gen 25.05.76 01.06.06
58 Narender Singh GSSS Parchhor Chamba NM Gen 23.03.81 29.06.06
59 Savroop Chand GSSS Chhatrari Chamba NM Gen 19.08.82 01.07.06
60 Subhash Chander
GSSS Chhatrari Chamba Arts Gen 13.01.73 07.07.06
61 Naresh Jariyal GHS Manuhuta Chamba Arts ST 12.05.79 01.05.06
62 Veena GSSS Aura Chamba Arts ST 22.01.78 24.03.07
63 Rajinder Singh GSSS Aura Chamba Arts ST 11.06.80 24.03.07
64 Rajneesh Kumar GMS, Sullo u/c
Chamba Arts ST 13.04.83 24.03.07
65 Kamlesh Kumar GSSS Khanni Chamba Arts ST 20.03.83 01.07.06
66 Lalita Devi GMS Lahal UC
GSSS Khanni
Chamba Arts ST 15.10.80 01.07.06 67 Kulbir Singh GMS Garima
UC SSS Khanni
Chamba Arts ST 17.07.75 01.07.06
68 Dev Raj GSSS Raipur Chamba Arts ST 03.03.76 24.08.06
69 Karnail Singh GSSS Bharmour Chamba Arts ST 16.09.79 16.10.06
70 Vinod Kumar GMS Sadal
UC SSS Raipur
Chamba NM Gen 29.07.74 31.08.06
71 Ashok Kumar GMS Phaget
U/C GSSS Raipur
Chamba Arts ST 05.01.78 29.06.06
72 Hans Raj GMS Phaget
UC SSS Raipur
Chamba NM ST 23.02.82 29.06.06
73 Madan Lal GMS Devi Dehra
U/C GSSS Bathri
Chamba Arts SC 20.04.78 29.06.06
74 Narinder Kumar GMS Bhururi
U/C GSSS Bathri
Chamba NM UR 10.04.74 29.06.06
75 Bandhna GMS Jangla
UC SSS Parchhor
Chamba Arts UR 26.01.75 02.11.06
76 Rajinder Kumar GMS Jangla
UC SSS Parchhor
Chamba NM UR 20.01.71 02.11.06
77 Miss Sarojini
GMSSS Bharian
Chamba Arts Gen 4-Jun-81 29-Jun-06
78 Sonia Thakur GMS Jatkari U/C
GMSSS Bharian
Chamba Arts Gen 8-Sep-83 29-Jun-06
79 Ashok Kumar GMS BhallaU/c
Chamba NM ST 2-Oct-81 29-Jun-06
80 Rakesh Kumar GHS, Samleu Chamba Arts Gen 12-Mar-80 29-Jun-06
81 Mohammed Hnief GSSS Ather Chamba Arts Gen 15-Jun-76 29.06.06
82 Sujan Singh GSSS Ather Chamba NM Gen 22-May-77 29-Jun-06
83 Shiv Kumar GHS Durgethi Chamba Medical ST 8-Jan-79 23-Oct-06
84 Jai Karan GMS Jaintra U/c
GHS Kunra
Chamba Arts ST 28-Jul-83 1-Jul-06
85 Vijay Kumar GHS Kohal Chamba NM Gen 13-Nov-79 25-Sep-06
86 Kartar Chand GSSS Gagahar Chamba Arts ST 19-Aug-79 1-Sep-06
87 Monika Thakur GSSS Gagahar Chamba Medical Gen 20-Oct-77 1-Sep-06
88 Mool Raj GSSS Gola Chamba NM OBC 2-Dec-80 29-Jun-06
89 Navneet Sharma GMS Uteep u/c
GHS Kumaharka
Chamba NM UR. 10-Oct-83 29-Jun-06
90 Anjana Devi GMS Kakian u/c
GHS Kumaharka
Chamba NM UR. 21-May-79 22-Sep-06
91 Asho Kumari GHS Kuther Chamba Medical UR. 1-Nov-76 1-Jul-06
92 Sanjeev Kumar GSSS Ligga Chamba Arts UR. 5-Apr-71 1-Jun-06
93 Satish Kumar GMS Siula u/c
GHS Ligga
Chamba Arts UR. 2-May-79 1-Sep-06
94 Sanjay Dogra GSSS Diur Chamba NM UR. 14-Dec-82 29-Jun-06
95 Bhupender Singh GMS Dhutta
U/c GSSS Diur
Chamba Arts Gen 19-Jun-82 29-Jun-06
96 Mukesh Kumar GMS Chakhri
U/c GSSS Diur
Chamba Arts UR. 24-Mar-79 29-Jun-06
97 Vijay Singh GSSS Sandhi Chamba NM UR. 24-Sep-79 29-Jun-06
98 Neerja Rathore GSSS Chandi Chamba Medical Gen 20-Mar-77 29-Jun-06
99 Manjana Kumari GMS Prahanvi
U/C GSSS Chandi
Chamba NM 9-Nov-83 12-Oct-06
100 Sarita Kumari GSSS Himgiri Chamba Arts UR. 3-Apr-77 29-Jun-06
101 Kuldeep Singh GMS Sadroni U/C
GSSS Himgiri
Chamba NM UR. 11-Mar-78 29-Jun-06
102 Tabassum GSSS Sillagraat Chamba Arts UR. 28-Jun-75 29-Jun-06 103 Des Raj GHS Dhadu Chamba Arts ST. 31-Mar-82 1-Oct-06
104 Parveen Pathania GHS Dhadu Chamba NM UR. 15-Nov-80 1-Oct-06
105 Surinder Singh GMS Bihali U/C
GHS Dhadu
Chamba Arts UR. 15-Apr-78 1-Nov-06
106 Moh. Ali GSSS Manjeer Chamba NM UR. 8-Jan-79 29-Jun-06
107 Pawan Kumar GSSS Nigali Chamba Arts Gen 5-Sep-82 29-Jun-06
108 Som Raj GSSS Nigali Chamba Arts UR. 18-Feb-81 29-Jun-06
109 Chuni Lal GSSS Chuhan Chamba Arts UR. 11-Jan-71 29-Jun-06
110 Sanjay Kumar GMS Sudli, U/C
GSSS Chuhan
Chamba Arts UR. 11-Oct-77 29-Jun-06
111 Manoj Kumar GMS Bajol u/C
Chamba Arts ST 12-Sep-81 1-Aug-06
112 Ashok Kumar GMS tiari U/C GSSS
Chamba Arts ST 22-May-81 1-Aug-06
113 Priyanka GHS Dadriara Chamba NM UR 13-Oct-79 29-Jun-06
114 Mohinder Singh GHS Dadriara Chamba Arts ST 29-Mar-75 3-Jul-06
115 Raj Kumar GMS, Cheon u/c
GSSS, Dadriara
Chamba Arts Gen 6-Apr-80 29-Jun-06
116 Hem Raj GMS Khawah U/C
GSSS Kuther
Chamba Arts ST 18-Dec-79 29-Jun-06
117 Poonam Thakur GSSS Awan Chamba Arts UR. 5-Feb-80 29-Jun-06
118 Shruti Sharma GHS Rakhed Chamba Arts UR. 17-Sep-81 29-Jun-06
119 Kasturi Lal GHS, Kahri Chamba Arts ST 1-Jan-80 29-Jun-06
120 Pawan Kumar GMS Banni U/C
Chamba Arts ST 6-Mar-83 29-Jun-06
121 Onkar Singh GMS Draman
(M)U/C GSSS Awan
Chamba Arts UR. 9-May-79 29-Jun-06
122 Jeewan Kumar GMS, Batali u/c
GSSS, Bara
Hamirpur Arts OBC 03.09.73 29.06.06
123 Naveen Sharma GHS, Rangar Hamirpur Arts Gen 21.02.80 29.06.06
124 Sanjay Kumar GMS, Sathwin u/c
GSSS, Maharal
Hamirpur Arts Gen 11.10.70 29.06.06
125 Smt. Pawana GSSS, Patlander Hamirpur Arts Gen 25.06.73 29.06.06
126 Reena Kumari GSSS, Sohari Hamirpur Medical Gen 06.09.80 19.09.06
127 Manoj Kumar GMS, Dhanial u/c
GSSS, Bhumpal
Hamirpur NM OBC 22.04.80 19.08.06
128 Ajay Kumar GHS, Basaral Hamirpur Medical OBC 19.09.83 20.09.06
129 Shashi Kumar GSSS Amni (Kangra) Kangra OBC Arts 01.03.80 01.09.06
130 Pawan Kumar GHS Riali (Kangra) Kangra Gen Arts 07.09.67 01.09.06
131 Avtar Singh GSSS Diana (Kangra) Kangra Gen Arts 19.07.78 01.09.06
132 Arun Thakur GHS Bari Kalan
Kangra Gen NM 25.04.73 01.09.06
133 Vijay Kumar GSSS Dhatti Kangra Sc NM 21.04.78 08.06.07
134 Shamender Singh GSSS Lathial Kangra OBC Arts 07.06.79 01.09.06
135 Sushma Devi GHS Gangath (G) Kangra OBC NM 28.08.78 01.09.06
136 Hema Rana GSSS Bahadpur Kangra Gen Med. 12.05.79 01.09.06
137 Naveen Kumar GMS Lahar Thakran
u/c GHS Uschar
Kangra OBC Arts 03.01.77 01.09.06
138 Surinder Kumar GHS Ashapuri
Kangra OBC Arts 09.10.71 01.09.06
139 Bandana Sharma GHS Charuri (kangra) Kangra Gen NM 17.10.81 01.09.06
140 Monika Devi GSSS Gheta (Kangra) Kangra Gen NM 24.09.81 01.09.06
141 Kiran Bala GMS Surla u/c GSSS
Kangra Gen Arts 05.01.83 01.10.06 142 Rajneesh Kumar GSSS Duhak Kangra Sc Arts 16.06.80 01.09.06
143 Ashwani Jaggi GMS Mungal (Kangra) Kangra Gen Arts 25.07.76 05.09.06
144 Seema Devi GSSS Jaisinghpur
Kangra Gen NM 20.07.76 11.09.06
145 Parvesh Kumari GHS Soldha (Kangra) Kangra Sc Arts 17.06.76 01.09.06
146 Munish Katoch GMS Mundla u/c GSSS
Kangra Gen Arts 16.11.80 26.10.06
147 Neha Pathania GHS Dini Larth
Kangra Gen Med. 18.11.83 05.10.06
148 Rakesh GMS Jaind (Kangra) Kangra Gen Arts 01.07.78 07.09.06
149 Budhi Singh GSSS Lohardi (Kangra) Kangra OBC NM 11.04.77 01.09.06
150 Puneet Nangla GHS Baldoa (Kangra) Kangra OBC NM 30.06.76 01.09.06
151 Poonam Sharma GHS Sahoura (Kangra) Kangra Gen Med. 17.11.77 01.09.06
152 Vijay Kumar GMS Barai u/c GGSSS
Nagrota Bagwan
Kangra Sc Arts 13.05.76 29.01.07
153 Seema Kumari GMS Rapper U/c GSSS
Kangra Gen NM 12.08.74 06.02.07
154 Jatinder Kumar GHS Ghati Bilwan Kangra Gen Med. 07.01.81 19.09.06
155 Anju Abrol GSSS Bir Kangra Gen Arts 02.07.75 01.09.06
156 Pooja Sharma GSSS Bharoli Kohala
Kangra Gen Med. 20.07.82 26.10.06
157 Sarita Devi GSSS Gander Kangra Gen Med. 02.12.78 March 2007
158 Vikas Walia GMS Balahra u/c GSSS
Kangra Gen NM 26.10.76 05.09.06
159 Surinder Kumar GHS Sahoura (Kangra) Kangra OBC Arts 29.08.80 20.06.07
160 Ashish Kumar GSSS Lahat Kangra OBC Arts 01.06.81 01.09.06
161 Balbir Singh GHS, Panvi Kinnaur Arts ST 02.04.75 29.06.06
162 Anita Kumari GMS, Kafnoo u/c
GSSS, Katgaon
Kinnaur Arts ST 24.04.78 29.06.06
163 Sangeeta Kumari GMS, Gharshu u/c
GSSS, Chotta
Kinnaur Arts ST 06.02.78 01.07.06
164 Satya Devi GHS, Namgia Kinnaur Arts ST 20.04.75 01.07.06
165 Pooja Thakur GSSS, Rakcham Kinnaur Arts Gen 15.08.80 01.07.06
166 Sneh Lata GSSS, Giabong Kinnaur Arts ST 28.02.81 30.06.06
167 Rakesh Kumar GMS, Kachrang u/c
GHS, Nathpa
Kinnaur Arts ST 06.09.80 May, 2006
168 Mehar Singh GMS, Shigarcha Kinnaur NM Gen 01.03.80 29.06.06
169 Pawan Kumar GSSS, Rupi Kinnaur Arts Gen 20.01.80 22.08.06
170 Rattan Piari GSSS, Rupi Kinnaur Arts ST 12.02.73 22.08.06
171 Manoj Kumar GHS, Chansu Kinnaur NM Gen 29.04.72 13.10.06
172 Satya Nand GSSS, Rakcham Kinnaur Medical ST 14.09.80 05.09.06
173 Kuldeep Kumar GSSS, Rakcham Kinnaur NM Gen 20.07.81 10.08.06
174 Kamal Kishore
GSSS, Rakcham Kinnaur Arts ST 12.09.71 10.08.06
175 Ram Kumar GHS, Chitkul Kinnaur Arts ST 16.03.72 18.10.06
176 Ramesh Chand GSSS, Rupi Kinnaur Medical Gen 18.04.77 23.10.06
177 Atul Sharma GSSS, Kanam Kinnaur NM Gen 14.11.81 05.09.06
178 Tikam Sain GMS, Choltu Kinnaur Arts ST 13.05.73 09.09.06
179 Padam Chand GHS, Miru Kinnaur Arts 23.09.80 01.07.06
180 Pawan Kumar GHS, Miru Kinnaur NM Gen 03.09.80 03.10.06
181 Meenakshi GHS, Miru Kinnaur Medical Gen 18.02.78 03.10.06 182 Kiran Kumari GMS, Akpa Kinnaur NM ST 28.07.82 29.06.06
183 Raghubir GSSS Peej Kullu Arts Gen. 22.06.80 28.08.06
184 Sakender Raj GHS Rumsu Kullu Arts Gen. 08.02.79 29.06.06
185 Sangram Singh GSSS Bhalyani Kullu Arts Gen. 8.2.81 05.07.06
186 Vinod Thakur GSSS Ladhagi Kullu NM Gen. 22.02.76 05.10.06
187 Amber Chand GSSS Sari- Bhekli Kullu Arts Gen. 18.09.72 29.06.06
188 Anil Kumar GMS Soyal Kullu Arts ST 15.01.83 23.10.06
189 Mamta Devi GSSS Kothi Kullu Medical Gen. 19.03.81 02.09.06
190 Asha Thakur GSSS Manikaran Kullu Medical Gen. 03.04.82 23.09.06
191 Arvind GSSS Manikaran Kullu NM Gen. 5.10.76 23.09.06
192 Manohar Lal
GMS Ligan Kullu Arts Gen. 27.04.75 29.06.06
193 Ranjeet Singh GSSS Kungesh Kullu Medical Gen. 04.08.78 29.06.06
194 Yashwant Singh GSSS Kungesh Kullu Arts Gen. 28.01.81 3.8.2006
195 Dinesh Kumar GMS Solang Kullu NM Gen. 18.11.72 29.06.06
196 Rajender Kumar GHS Palchan Kullu NM Gen. 14.02.72 30.09.06
197 Rattan Chand GSSS Fozal Kullu Medical Gen. 23.05.82 29.06.06
198 Kamal Kant GMS Mashana Kullu NM Gen. 16.01.79 29.06.06
199 Pawan Kumar GMS Mashana Kullu Arts Gen. 06.06.79 29.06.06
200 Subhash Chand GMS Kuiner Kullu Arts Gen. 05.11.80 09.10.06
201 Yog Raj GSSS Bran Kullu Arts Gen. 04.05.80 16.10.06
202 Rita Kumari GMS Hallan-11 Kullu Medical Gen. 26.01.79 29.06.06
203 Leela Dhar GHS Deohari Kullu Arts Gen. 04.06.78 01.07.06
204 Dalip Kumar GMS Sarsai Kullu Arts Gen. 04.03.76 29.06.06
205 Rajivna Kumari
GSSS Goshaini Kullu Arts Gen. 10.05.74 29.06.06
206 Kesri Lal GMS Sarchi Kullu Arts Sc 22.08.76 29.06.06
207 Meenakshi Devi GMS Sarchi Kullu Medical Gen. 03.12.83 29.06.06
208 Omi GMS Nalda L&S NM ST 09.11.80 27.09.06
209 Sharmila Devi GSSS Lot L&S NM ST 04.01.80 19.09.06
210 Suneel GMS Kishori L&S NM ST 01.03.83 27.10.06
211 Jiyan Tanzin GSSS, Sagnam L&S Arts ST 04.05.75 29.06.06
212 Chhering Angchuk GMS, Kungri u/c
GHS, Gulling
L&S Arts ST 11.09.79 29.06.06
213 Chunit Dorge GSSS, Maneyogma L&S Arts ST 10.02.79 29.06.06
214 Rajesh Kumar GHS, Dankhar L&S Arts ST 05.04.81 29.06.06
215 Tenzin Dorge GMS, Chicham u/c
GSSS, Kibber
L&S Arts ST 25.05.78 29.06.06
216 Anita Devi GMS Baring u/c
GHS, Mooring
L&S Arts ST 15.1079 01.07.06
217 Seema GMS Chokhang L&S Medical ST 31.03.81 01.07.06
218 Anita Devi GMS Baring L&S Medical ST 15.02.77 01.07.06
219 Mahender Singh GHS Mooling L&S Medical ST 15.05.80 27.07.06
220 Tara Devi GHS Goushal L&S Arts ST 13.07.74 28.08.06 221 Kumari Rashmi GSSS Sissu L&S Arts ST 29.06.77 28.08.06
222 Tenzin GSSS Tingret L&S Arts ST 26.08.79 28.08.06
223 Amarjeet GMS, Hikkam u/c
L&S Arts ST 25.04.77 14.07.06
224 Furbu Dorge GHS, Gulling L&S Arts ST 04.02.81 18.09.06
225 Rajender Sharma GMS, Talling u/c
GSSS, Sagnam
L&S NM Gen 22.03.79 13.09.06
226 Kapil GMS, Talling u/c
GSSS, Sagnam
L&S Arts ST 07.02.77 27.09.06
227 Sandeep Kumar GHS, Gulling L&S Medical Gen 14.09.83 13.09.06
228 Bhup Chand GMS, Tangti Gogma
u/c GSSS, Sagnam
Gen 24.04.73 15.09.06
229 Tilak Raj GHS, Demul L&S Medical Gen 22.09.79 28.10.06
230 Rajiv Kumar GMS, Langcha L&S NM Gen 21.11.80 29.09.06
231 Nirmal Chand
GSSS, Sagnam L&S Medical Gen 01.02.71 13.09.06
232 Umakant Bhardwaj GHS, Dankhar L&S Medical Gen 04.05.79 08.09.06
233 Kalzang Rinchen GSSS, Kibber L&S Arts ST 03.02.82 06.12.06
234 Rakesh Jaswal GSSS Ootpur Mandi Arts Gen 05.05.76 29.06.06
235 Dinesh Verma GSSS Kunhoo Mandi Arts Gen 30.07.81 01.07.06
236 Madan Lal GSSS Thachi Mandi Arts Gen 01.08.80 29.06.06
237 Hukkam Singh GSSS Kheel Mandi Arts Gen 21.12.80 15.09.06
238 Rajeshwari Sharma GHS Alipabo Mandi Arts Gen 24.04.72 29.06.06
239 Sudha Kumari GSSS Jhangi Mandi Arts Gen 15.04.80 29.06.06
240 Dinesh Kumar
GMS Pipli Hawani Mandi Arts Gen 08.04.73 11.10.06
241 Suresh Kumar GSSS Pandol Mandi Arts SC 12.04.74 29.06.06
242 Reena Devi GMS Basahi Mandi Arts Gen 15.03.82 06.07.06
243 Ravinder Kumar GSSS Samour Mandi Arts Gen 11.12.75 29.06.06
244 Hans Raj GMS Sidhari Mandi Arts Gen 04.08.80 20.10.06
245 Narayan Singh GHS Kathog Mandi Arts OBC 09.06.82 03.10.06
246 Ruvin Kumar GSSS Khuddar Mandi Arts Gen 31.08.79 28.10.06
247 Poonam GSSS Kataula Mandi Arts Gen 05.01.82 19.09.06
248 Vijay Paul GMS Kafnagun Mandi Arts Gen 03.12.71 12.09.06
249 Pradeep Kumar GSSS Behli Mandi Arts Gen 01.05.80 29.06.06
250 Sohan Singh GMS Kinder Mandi Arts Gen 30.05.78 29.06.06
251 Shama Katoch GMS Bhalan Mandi Arts Gen 23.08.76 13.11.06
252 Bhag Singh GSSS Bagshar Mandi Arts Gen 11.04.75 29.06.06
253 Ajay Kumar GSSS Tanehar Mandi Arts Gen 05.03.79 29.06.06
254 Mahesh Kumar GHS Sudhrani Mandi Arts Gen 26.07.79 29.06.06
255 Anil Kumar GSSS Panjalag Mandi Arts Gen 01.08.80 29.06.06
256 Hans Raj GMS Chapland-idhar Mandi Arts Gen 07.07.73 06.09.06
257 Neelam Verma GSSS Batheri Mandi Arts Gen 18.02.82 04.09.06
258 Narender Kumar GMS Khalboot Mandi Arts OBC 14.01.80 08.09.06
259 Jhansi Devi GSSS Murah Mandi Arts Gen 31.08.77 01.12.06
260 Naresh Kumar GSSS Katwachi Mandi Arts Gen 04.04.80 29.06.06
261 Kamla Devi GHS Silag Mandi Arts Gen 15.09.68 09.10.06 262 Ravinder Kumar
GSSS Heun Pehad Mandi Arts Gen 11.10.74 01.10.06
263 Subhash Chand GSSS Golwan Mandi Arts Gen 24.09.72 01.09.06
264 Amit Kumar GHS Drahal Mandi Arts Gen 28.08.81 11.09.06
265 Kuldeep Singh GSSS Mandap Mandi Arts Gen 20.01.67 29.09.06
266 Manju Kumari GSSS Rohanda Mandi Arts SC 26.12.78 21.09.06
267 Krishan Kant GMS Tepar u/c
GSSS, Nau Pnau
Mandi Arts Gen 28.01.80 04.09.06
268 Manoj Kumar GSSS Chhatri Mandi Arts Gen 15.02.82 29.06.06
269 Dinesh Kumar GMS Thansar u/c
GSSS, Chhatri
Mandi Arts Gen 01.03.78 29.06.06
270 Dharam Vir GSSS Drubal Mandi Arts Gen 05.11.78 29.06.06
271 Mehar Singh GSSS Tullah Mandi Arts Gen 28.04.80 29.06.06
272 Sanjeev Kumar GSSS Tullah Mandi Arts Gen 05.02.79 29.06.06
273 Gauri Prasad
GSSS Dharampur Mandi Arts Gen 06.01.71 18.08.06
274 Vijay Kumar GSSS Bihnu Mandi Arts Gen 13.11.74 01.09.06
275 Shiv Lal GSSS B.C Thach Mandi Arts OBC 25.05.76 29.06.06
276 Ajay Kumar GSSS Dharampur Mandi Arts Gen 27.07.73 23.08.06
277 Nihal Chand GHS Gawalpur Mandi Arts Gen 27.09.79 01.04.07
278 Banita Devi GSSS Tihri Mandi Arts Gen 11.12.81 23.02.07
279 Umesh Kumar GSSS Salout Mandi Arts Gen 23.01.74 12.09.06
280 Mukesh Kumar GSSS Salout Mandi Arts Gen 16.11.78 14.09.06
281 Poonam Kumari GSSS Nisoo Mandi Arts Gen 29.02.80 13.09.06
282 Chuni Lal GMS Arang Mandi Arts OBC 03.05.81 06.09.06
283 Manmohan Singh GSSS Shiva
Mandi Arts Gen 19.02.81 01.07.06
284 Het Ram GSSS Pokhi Mandi Arts Gen 22.04.82 23.02.07
285 Pavan Kumar
GMS Kuthehar Mandi Arts Gen 26.06.76 29.06.06
286 Kirat Ram GSSS Sianj Bagra Mandi Arts Gen 27.05.79 29.6.06
287 Tilak Raj GMS Thatta U/c
GSSS Deori
Mandi Arts Gen 16.12.79 29.09.06
288 Gulshan GSSS Parwara Mandi Arts Gen 05.09.79 28.07.06
289 Sangeeta GMS Panjolth u/c
GSSS Batwara
Mandi Arts Gen 07.06.78 26.10.06
290 Hem Singh GSSS Ghat Mandi Arts Gen 06.04.78 29.06.06
291 Hem Singh GSSS Bara Mandi Arts Gen 10.11.80 01.07.06
292 Mahindera Kumari GSSS Bara Mandi Arts Gen 07.03.82 01.07.06
293 Som Dutt GSSS Bassi Mandi Arts Gen 30.07.80 29.06.06
294 Rajesh Kumar GHS Borat Mandi Arts Gen 16.09.74 28.09.06
295 Khem Raj GMS Jhout u/c GSSS
Mandi Arts Gen 16.07.83 29.06.06
296 Inder Pal GMS Mehani u/c
GSSS Gharan
Mandi Arts Gen 06.03.83 28.09.06
297 Uday Kumar GMS Narwandhi U/c
GSSS Sianj (Gohar)
Mandi NM Gen 11.09.79 29.06.06
298 Yash Pal GMS Khauli U/c
GSSS Gadagussain
Mandi NM Gen 20.01.78 28.08.06
299 Devender Singh GSSS Khuhan Mandi NM Gen 12.04.72 04.09.06
300 Ajay Kumar Singh GSSS Tullah Mandi NM Gen 01.04.82 29.06.06
301 Jagdish Chand GSSS Drubbal Mandi NM Gen 12.08.73 29.06.06
302 Megh Singh GSSS Salout Mandi NM Gen 11.05.84 06.09.06
303 Manjula kumari GSSS MahariDhar Mandi NM Gen 12.06.83 07.09.06
304 Harish Kumar GMS Dharotdhar Mandi NM Gen 21.06.77 29.08.06 305 Santosh Kumar
GSSS Panjalag Mandi NM Gen 15.02.70 29.06.06
306 Shiv Lal Sharma GHS Seri-Batwara Mandi NM Gen 29.12.83 01.09.06
307 Yashwant Singh GSSS Som Nachani Mandi NM Gen 27.04.78 16.10.06
308 Lata Devi GSSS Kataula Mandi NM Gen 13.04.79 29.06.06
309 Gopal Singh GSSS Behli Mandi NM Gen 22.04.82 29.06.06
310 Hukam Chand GHS Hara Boi Mandi NM Gen 01.01.82 21.08.06
311 Nanak Chand GSSS Sudhar Mandi NM OBC 13.04.68 29.06.06
312 Sohan Singh GSSS Ghaniar Mandi NM Gen 13.03.75 29.06.06
313 Hari Om GMS Neri U/c GSSS
Mandi NM Gen 06.10.77 24.11.06
314 Jagat Ram GMS Panjola u/c
Mandi NM Gen 08.05.77 03.10.06
315 Tej Singh GSSS Bara Mandi NM Gen 14.06.81 01.07.06
316 Pinki Devi GSSS Chowk Mandi Medical Gen. 13.06.79 05.10.06
317 Shravan Kumar GHS Kolang Mandi Medical Gen. 01.08.79 29.06.06
318 Puja Chadha GSSS Bhambla Mandi Medical Gen. 10.07.84 29.06.06
319 Kiran Kumari GHS Arang Mandi Medical OBC 15.10.82 29.06.06
320 Meera Devi GSSS Seri Banglow Mandi Medical Gen. 15.05.82 05.10.06
321 Meena Kumari GSSS Shiva Kuther Mandi Medical Gen. 08.10.80 01.07.06
322 Santosh Kumar GSSS Kujabalh Mandi Medical Gen. 23.02.81 29.06.06
323 Mahesh Kumar GSSS Maindhi Mandi Medical Gen. 17.02.84 04.09.06
324 Yashwant Singh GSSS Alsindi Mandi Medical SC 15.01.81 28.09.06
325 Shailja Thakur GSSS Kot Snore Mandi Medical Gen. 29.07.82 13.10.06
326 Hem Singh GSSS Dhar Mandi Medical Gen. 15.10.79 06.09.06
327 Kirna Devi GSSS Salout Mandi Medical Gen. 29.08.83 13.09.06
328 Byasa Devi GSSS Tullah Mandi Medical Gen. 01.04.84 29.06.06
329 Hemant Kumar GSSS Nanj Mandi Medical Gen. 09.12.76 29.06.06
330 Meetu Thakur GSSS Makreri Mandi Medical Gen. 31.08.74 29.06.06
331 Vandana Kumari GSSS Dohag Mandi Medical Gen. 28.04.83 16.12.06
332 Nageshwar Singh GSSS Khunachi Mandi Medical Gen. 13.10.80 16.10.06
333 Nand Kishor GHS Chhandyara Mandi Medical Gen. 05.03.83 29.06.06
334 Tej Singh GSSS Som Nachani Mandi Medical Gen. 25.12.78 03.10.06
335 Bhushan Kumar GSSS Bara Mandi Medical Gen. 02.08.82 01.07.06
336 Manoj Kumar GSSS Nau Pnau Mandi Medical Gen. 01.11.77 29.06.06
337 Aruna Kumari GHS Jarkot Shimla Arts SC 11.09.81 01.07.06
338 Kuldeep Kumar GSSS Pujarli-3 Shimla Arts Gen 25.02.69 01.07.06
339 Sita Gajhail GSSS Thaili-Chakti Shimla Arts SC 13.10.78 29.06.06
340 Prem Lata GMS Jhinajnoo U/C
GSSS Thaili-Chakti
Shimla Arts Gen 04.12.83 29.06.06
341 Uma Devi GSSS Dhadi Rawat Shimla Arts Gen 08.03.84 29.06.06
342 Rakesh Kumar GSSS Ghoond Shimla Medical Gen 02.02.80 29.06.06
343 Chander Singh GMS Kandhar U/C
GHS Sarpara
Shimla Arts 12.11.75 01.07.06
344 Sudhir Kumar GSSS Badshal Shimla Arts Gen 27.04.75 01.07.06
345 Parmod Kumar GSSS Kungal Balti Shimla Arts Gen 01.07.72 01.07.06
346 Pramila Devi GMS Adarsh Nager
U/C GSSS Kungal
Shimla Arts Gen 30.03.83 01.07.06
347 Sushma Devi GSSS Khamadi Shimla Arts Gen 10.02.74 29.06.06
348 Sanjay Bhaik GSSS Shamathla Shimla NM Gen 10.04.74 29.06.06
349 Laiq Ram GHS Badhal Shimla Arts Gen 19.10.76 29.06.06
350 Suresh Kumar GSSS Rawla-Kiar Shimla Medical Gen 08.01.84 01.07.06 351 Anil Kumar GSSS Rawla-Kiar Shimla Arts Gen 15.04.80 01.07.06
352 Mahesh Sharma GHS Patukhar Shimla Medical Gen 01.07.80 19.08.06
353 Jyoti Prakash GHS Patukhar Shimla NM Gen 13.06.79 19.08.06
354 Dayal Singh GSSS Khunni Shimla NM Gen 17.01.77 29.06.06
355 Neelam Singh GHS Jhagtan Shimla Medical Gen 09.10.78 29.06.06
356 Amit Koundal GHS Mandhorghat Shimla Medical SC 28.08.82 01.07.06
357 Manmohan Singh GHS Todsa Shimla NM Gen 14.09.81 01.07.06
358 Puran Dutt GMS Pandautha U/C
GSSS Basadhar
Shimla Arts Gen 08.09.72 01.07.06
359 Sujeeta Thakur GHS Thanedhar Shimla NM Gen 21.06.74 29.06.06
360 Ajeshwar Singh GMS, Banooti u/c
GSSS, Saribassa
Shimla NM Gen 02.04.80 29.06.06
361 Madan Singh GMS Kanda U/C
GSSS Kupvi
Shimla Arts Gen 20.10.74 01.07.06
362 Nitu Ram GMS Shaneri U/C
GSSS Dansa
Shimla Arts SC 19.06.82 01.07.06
363 Manju Kumari GMS Shaneri U/C
GSSS Dansa
Shimla NM Gen 16.07.82 01.07.06
364 Karam Chand GMS Sanathali U/C
GSSS Dansa
Shimla Arts Gen 22.01.82 01.07.06
365 Madhu Chauhan GMS Sunda U/C
GSSS Dansa
Shimla Medical Gen 08.11.82 01.07.06
366 Pradeep Kumar GMS Khanog U/C
GSSS Sholli
Shimla Arts Gen 14.03.76 01.07.06
367 Sandeep Kumar GMS Brandli U/C
GSSS Narayan
Shimla Arts Gen 11.12.81 29.06.06
368 Mool Raj GSSS Majheoti Shimla Arts Gen 16.02.80 29.06.06
369 Nitya Dutt GMS Khanewali,
GSSS Majheoti
Shimla Arts Gen 13.09.77 29.06.06
370 Shanta Kumar GHS Baghal Shimla Arts Gen 08.10.76 01.07.06
371 Pankaj Thakur GHS Baghal Shimla Arts Gen 08.08.79 01.07.06
372 Desh Raj GHS Kaobil Shimla Arts Gen 22.07.77 01.07.06
373 Surjeet Singh GMS Kaleda U/C
GSSS Majholi-Tipper
Shimla Arts Gen 05.03.79 01.07.06
374 Govind Sharma GHS Tyali Shimla NM Gen 13.01.82 01.07.06
375 Pratibha Devi GHS Tyali Shimla Medical Gen 16.10.75 01.07.06
376 Zamina Parveen GSSS Saintari Shimla Arts Musl
02.05.74 01.07.06
377 Beli Ram GSSS Ogli Shimla NM Gen 25.05.82 01.07.06
378 Punam Kumari GMS Sehmal U/C
GSSS Dharech
Shimla Arts Gen 17.07.77 01.07.06
379 Krishna Sharma GSSS Dharech Shimla Arts Gen 11.06.82 01.07.06
380 Rajesh Kumar GSSS Karasa Shimla NM Gen 08.01.79 01.07.06
381 Shannu Papta GSSS, Melthi Shimla Medical Gen 14.03.80 01.07.06
382 Virender Sharma GSSS Saintari Shimla NM Gen 30.09.74 01.07.06
383 Basant Ram GMS Majhewali U/C
GSSS Taklech
Shimla Arts Gen 07.05.77 01.07.06
384 Chander Sain GSSS Kiara Shimla Arts Gen 14.07.78 01.07.06 385 Anuradha GSSS Jeori Shimla Arts Gen 31.01.82 29.09.06
386 Shaifali Sunail GSSS Jeori Shimla Arts Gen 21.05.83 29.06.14
387 Vipin Prakash GMS Suru U/C
GSSS Jeori
Shimla Arts Gen 05.04.77 29.06.06
388 Sneh Lata GMS Suru U/C
GSSS Jeori
Shimla Medical SC 01.07.83 29.06.06
389 Basant Lal GMS Urman U/C
GHS Munish
Shimla Arts Gen 06.11.76 01.07.06
390 Kushal Singh GSSS Ganvi Shimla NM Gen 16.11.77 01.07.06
391 Rita Devi G(B)SSS Jubbal Shimla NM Gen 06.06.79 29.06.06
392 Sarita Kumari GMS Kot-Kapti U/C
GSSS Dhar-Gaura
Shimla Arts Gen 07.03.79 29.06.06
393 Anupam Gautam GSSS Dhar-Gaura Shimla NM Gen 14.09.78 29.06.06
394 Suresh Dutt
GMS Kot-Kapti U/C
GSSS Dhar-Gaura
Shimla NM Gen 30.05.78 29.06.06
395 Ramesh Kumar GMS Kukhi U/C
GHS Darkali
Shimla NM Gen 07.09.79 01.07.06
396 Devinder Singh GHS Jaghori Shimla NM Gen 30.07.83 01.07.06
397 Ram lal GSSS Dalgaon Shimla Medical Gen 25.01.71 01.08.06
398 Ram Lal Sharma GSSS Kalbog Shimla Arts Gen 07.03.80 17.07.06
399 Rigan Mehta GSSS Bhutti Shimla Medical Gen 02.07.81 01.08.06
400 Shanti Devi GSSS Mahasu Shimla Medical Gen 15.05.77 13.07.06
401 Sandeep Rahul GMS Dakahal U/C
GSSS Kuthar
Shimla NM Gen 14.06.79 31.07.06
402 Anil Kumar GMS Nadhal-Sari
U/C GSSS Dhadi
Shimla Arts Gen 29.04.78 19.07.06
403 Poonam GHS Shekhal Shimla Arts Gen 31.07.82 21.07.06
404 Manmohan Singh GHS Rohal Shimla Medical Gen 18.04.78 03.08.06
405 Pankaj Sharma GSSS Dubloo Shimla Arts Gen 28.03.76 03.08.06
406 Rajesh Kumar GMS, Koti u/c GSSS,
Shimla Arts Gen 05.07.71 30.08.06
407 Ishwari Dutt GMS Mundoo U/C
GSSS Balag
Shimla Arts Gen 07.12.75 29.08.06
408 Minakshi GMS Teshan Shimla NM Gen 25.12.84 01.09.06
409 Virender Singh GSSS Tharoch Shimla Medical Gen 18.06.80 03.09.06
410 Rishabh Dev GSSS Badshal Shimla NM Gen 09.04.82 06.09.06
411 Anil Kumar GSSS Dhar-Gaura Shimla Arts Gen 25.07.74 07.09.06
412 Pankaj Kuthala GSSS Deori Khaneti Shimla NM Gen 02.10.82 07.09.06
413 Sunaina Dogra GSSS Mohari Shimla Arts Gen 25.05.82 09.09.06
414 Umesh Chauhan GMS Shawla U/C
GSSS Mahasu
Shimla NM Gen 31.12.80 23.09.06
415 Bhupinder Singh GHS Munish Shimla NM Gen 12.05.77 30.09.06
416 Kamini Kaushal GMS Dhagiana U/C
GSSS Narkanda
Shimla Arts Gen 14.11.73 07.09.06
417 Arvind Chauhan GMS Bharech U/C
GSSS Himri
Shimla NM Gen 13.09.79 22.09.06
418 Titu Kumar GHS Kelvi Shimla NM Gen 29.04.80 30.09.06 419 Yashwant Singh
GHS Chikhhar Shimla NM Gen 01.02.76 29.09.06
420 Bintu Ram GHS Fancha Shimla NM Gen 04.09.80 05.09.06
421 Karuna Kumari GHS Sarpara Shimla Arts Gen 02.11.80 19.09.06
422 Saroj Kumari GHS, Amboi Shimla NM Gen 16.04.77 08.09.06
423 Hem Raj GHS Domehar Shimla Arts Gen 07.12.79 11.09.06
424 Alpana Kumari GMS Dhartripunu
U/C GHS Chanair
Shimla Arts Gen 11.01.78 20.09.06
425 Sunila Devi GHS Bosari Shimla Arts Gen 05.04.81 28.09.06
426 Surender Sharma GMS Shaloha U/C
GSSS Ghoond
Shimla Arts Gen 02.12.79 03.10.06
427 Jagdev Chand GSSS Dansa Shimla Medical Gen 08.01.81 12.10.06
428 Ravi Kant Chauhan GMS Shamkor U/C
GHS Jaghori
Shimla Arts Gen 05.05.83 13.10.06
429 Piar Chand GSSS Dansa Shimla NM SC 28.04.80 17.10.06
430 Vijay Kumar
GMS Barkal U/C
GHS Munish
Shimla NM Gen 29.04.79 10.10.06
431 Sunil Kumar GMS Manu U/C
Shimla Medical Gen 07.11.75 24.10.06
432 Balwant Singh GMS Manno U/C
Shimla Arts Gen 04.06.77 24.10.06
433 Dimpa Rani GHS Badhawali Shimla Medical Gen 17.05.82 03.10.06
434 Ravi Kumar GSSS, Sansog Shimla Arts Gen 07.01.79 06.11.06
435 Narayan Singh GSSS Koti Shimla NM Gen 08.04.73 08.11.06
436 Meena Kumari GSSS Shingla Shimla Arts Gen 24.11.79 10.11.06
437 Susheel Kumar GHS Tangnu Shimla Arts ST 23.04.74 04.11.06
438 Rakesh GSSS Karyali Shimla NM Gen 15.02.81 01.07.06
439 Triveni Kumar GHS Baghthal Shimla Arts Gen 01.07.82 02.09.06
440 Vijay Bharti GHS Baghthal Shimla Medical Gen 11.12.77 26.09.06
441 Rajender Kumar GSSS Deothi Shimla NM Gen 10.10.76 03.10.06
442 Uday Singh GMS Kuhal U/C
GSSS Deothi
Shimla Arts Gen 28.05.76 09.11.06
443 Deepak Kumar GMS Kuhal GSSS
Shimla NM Gen 13.01.82 09.11.06
444 Divya Deshta GSSS, Tikker Shimla Medical Gen 26.06.82 22.08.06
445 Aanand Sharma GSSS Masli Shimla Medical 07.03.79 26.09.06
446 Baldev Khurana GSSS Masli Shimla Arts Gen 04.12.77 26.09.06
447 Shilpa Jaswal GSSS Dhamwari Shimla Medical Gen 12.08.76 02.09.06
448 Neeta Kumari GSSS Dhamwari Shimla Arts Gen 30.10.76 02.09.06
449 Gulshan Sharma GSSS Delath Shimla Medical Gen 21.02.81 29.06.06
450 Meena Devi GMS Kathasu U/C
GSSS Barthatha
Shimla Arts Gen 06.10.78 17.10.06
451 Sohan Singh
GMS, Sainj u/c
GSSS, Pandaranu
Shimla Medical Gen 04.11.74 28.10.06
452 Rajneesh Matorta GMS, Sainj u/c
GSSS, Pandaranu
Shimla Arts Gen 15.08.84 28.10.06
453 Poonam Chauhan GHS Deothi Shimla Arts 18.05.80 16.09.06
454 Deepak Jhangta GSSS Mandhole Shimla Arts SC 24.07.76 14.09.06
455 Narender Kumar GMS Lingzar U/C Shimla NM Gen 01.08.78 04.11.06 GSSS Sarain
456 Tilka Devi GSSS Barach Shimla Medical Gen 25.07.84 18.09.06
457 Sangeeta Chauhan GHS Deothi Shimla Arts Gen 05.08.84 16.09.06
458 Pratap Singh GHS Rohal Shimla NM Gen 24.11.83 12.10.06
459 Pawan Kumar GHS Kadiwan Shimla Arts Gen 15.08.82 15.09.06
460 Jai Singh GHS Dhamandari Shimla Medical Gen 20.02.81 06.09.06
461 Amar Chand GHS Kadiwan Shimla NM Gen 20.04.79 23.09.06
462 Kuldeep Singh
GMS Badlaog U/C
GSSS Nanhar
Shimla Arts Gen 11.04.71 12.10.06
463 Sudarshan GMS Badlaog U/C
GSSS Nanhar
Shimla NM Gen 01.11.81 12.10.06
464 Surender Kumar GMS Kanda U/C
GSSS Kupvi
Shimla NM Gen 21.03.81 09.10.06
465 Mamta Devi GSSS, Nahol Shimla Arts 28.12.78 01.07.06
466 Kiran Kumari GMS Ulakh Katoga
u/c SSS Jadol Taproli
Sirmour Arts 12/07/76 01.12.06
467 Kamlesh Kumari GHS Dhar Tikkri Sirmour Arts SC 23/08/77 06/05/06
468 Yachna Sharma GMS Bheron (u/c
GSSS Bankala)
Sirmour Arts Gen 27/03/81 01/07/06
469 Daulat Ram GMS Bandal Surakh
u/c SSS Bhatgarh
Sirmour Arts Gen 16/05/78 29/06/06
470 Jitender Singh GMS Sarol u/c
GSSS Wasni
Sirmour Arts SC 09/12/76 29/07/06
471 Balinder Singh GSSS Koti Dhiman Sirmour Arts Gen 14/07/77 29/06/06
472 Narayan Singh GHS Daya Sirmour Arts Gen 05/03/81 26/09/06
473 Krishan Lal GSSS Sanora Sirmour Arts SC 31/08/83 29/06/06
474 Manju Bala GMS Dhaneshwar
u/c SSS Sanora
Sirmour Arts Gen 06/09/77 29/06/06
475 Manju Bala GMS Manwa
Khaniwar u/c SSS
Sirmour Arts Gen 15/07/75 29/06/06
476 Asha Devi GSSS Bharoli Sirmour Arts Gen 31/03/79 29/06/06
477 Naresh Kumar GMS Giankot u/c
GSSS Bharoli
Sirmour Arts OBC 20/11/81 29/06/06
478 Nardev Singh GSSS Bhanog Sirmour Arts Gen 10/02/76 29/06/06
479 Anil Kumar GMS Kusenu u/c
GSSS Kandiyari
Sirmour Arts Gen 08/05/80 29/06/06
480 Suresh Kumar GHS Charna Sirmour Arts Gen 02/02/75 29/06/06
481 Rakesh Kumar GHS Kansar u/c SSS
Bharog Baneri
Sirmour Arts Nil 18/06/79 30/06/06
482 Nirmala Tomer GSSS Killaur Sirmour Arts Gen 17/12/81 08/05/06
483 Sohan Singh GSSS Koti Bounch Sirmour Arts Gen 02/03/81 06/11/06
484 Hitender Kumar GMS Anji Banona
u/c SSS Bagthan
Sirmour Arts Gen 07/06/80 22/08/06
485 Vijender Kumar GSSS Birla Sirmour Arts OBC 15/12/82 06/11/06
486 Vikram Singh GHS Sadhyar Sirmour Arts OBC 01/12/77 19/09/06
487 Anita Kumari GHS Sadhyar Sirmour Arts Gen 26/10/82 19/09/06
488 Pawan Kumar GMS Gatlog u/c SSS
Sirmour Arts Gen 20/10/76 Aug,2006
489 Yash Pal GMS Tali Chandrana
u/c SSS Bogdhar
Sirmour Arts Gen 10/04/80 Aug,2006
490 Kalpana Sharma GSSS Rajgarh Sirmour Medical Gen 10/11/80 29/06/06 491 Satyender Singh GMS Manwa
u/c SSS Sanora
Sirmour Medical Gen 21/01/83 29/06/06
492 Virender Pal GHS Shawga Sirmour Medical SC 26/10/81 10/07/07
493 Deep Chand GMS Cherew u/c
GSSS Kaffota
Sirmour Medical Gen 21/10/74 19/08/06
494 Reeta GHS Kotla Mangan
u/c SSS Bhanog
Sirmour Medical Gen 01/08/74 01/07/06
495 Papinder Kumar GSSS Palhori Sirmour NM OBC 30/11/76 28/08/06
496 Dev Dutt Parashar GSSS Mehndobag Sirmour NM OBC 18/09/78 29/06/06
497 Ram Swaroop GSSS Sharli u/c
GSSS Jamna
Sirmour NM OBC 15/04/81 29/06/06
498 Ajay Pal GMS Sarol u/c GSSS
Sirmour NM Gen 18/03/83 29/07/06
499 Rajiv Kumar GMS Sharia u/c
GSSS Wasni
Sirmour NM Gen 25/11/80 29/07/06
500 Suresh Kumar GHS Chogtali Sirmour NM Gen 29/07/83 01/09/06
501 Dalip Singh Negi GMS Kusenu u/c
GSSS Kandiyari
Sirmour NM Gen 30/10/76 29/06/06
502 Sanjay Sharma GMS Mashu Sirmour NM OBC 01/12/75 20/10/06
503 Kalpana Sharma GHS Shauga Kando Sirmour NM Gen 27/04/82 23/10/06
504 Rupinder Singh GMS Mahipur u/c
SSS B-Ka-Bag
Sirmour NM Gen 23/12/81 31/10/06
505 Satish Kumar GHS Sadhyar Sirmour NM OBC 05/02/71 04/11/06
506 Mangesh Kumari GHS Gadol Pirag u/c
SSS Bhanog
Sirmour NM Gen 07/06/82 03/10/06
507 Dhiraj Bansal GSSS Bhatgarh Sirmour NM Gen 31/01/83 10/10/06
508 Gyan Swaroop GMS Ranaghat u/c
SSS Shargaon
Sirmour NM Gen 14/08/83 22/08/06
509 Narender Singh GSSS Palhori Sirmour Arts OBC 10/12/81 28/08/06
510 Sandeep Kumar GSSS Ghainntee Solan Arts Gen 05.07.79 22-Sep-06
511 Aarti Kaushal GSSS Panjhera Solan Arts Gen 05.11.82 1-Jul-06
512 Darshan Kumar GMS Dalchhamb u/c
GSSS Diggal
Solan NM Gen 05.06.79 6-Sep-06
513 Kavita GHS Ganagughat Solan Medical Gen 10.12.76 15-Sep-06
514 Manjeet Kaur GSSS Ratwati Solan Arts Gen 21.08.81 1-Dec-06
515 Sohan Lal GMS Kothi Solan Arts Gen 30.12.74 1-Dec-06
516 Nek Ram GSSS Paratha Solan Arts Gen 15.10.72 19-Aug-06
517 Ashok Kumar GMS Hatnali U/C
GSSS Manjoo
Solan NM Gen 22.08.78 29-Jun-06
518 Kuldeep Kumar GMS Hatnali U/C
GSSS Manjoo
Solan Arts Gen 04.02.82 11-Oct-07
519 Madan Lal GSSS Bani Materni Solan Medical Gen 21.12.80 4-Nov-06
520 Kamal Dev GSSS Mitian Solan NM Gen 02.03.78 1-Jul-06
521 Hari Balabh GSSS Saur Solan Arts Gen 26.07.80 1-Jun-06
522 Surender Kumar GSSS Saur Solan NM Gen 01.10.79 1-Jun-06
523 Yashodha GSSS Delgi Solan Medical Gen 09.08.81 22-Sep-06
524 Kalpana verma GSSS Bhumti Solan Arts Gen 04.09.79 1-Jul-06
525 Lalit Kumar GSSS Bhumti Solan NM Gen 10.06.80 1-Jul-06
526 Santosh Kumar GSSS Sai Solan NM Gen 25.03.78 30-Oct-06
527 Naresh Chand GMS Koundi u/c
Solan Arts SC 05.04.82 23-Sep-06
528 Seema Rani GMS Koundi u/c
Solan NM Gen 23.01.83 3-Oct-06 529 Desh Raj GSSS Gaighat Solan Arts Gen 13.04.83 21-Sep-07
530 Ajay Kumar GMS Nagali u/c
GSSS Chail
Solan NM Gen 22.07.78 1-Jul-06
531 Monika Thakur GMS Jubla u/c GSSS
Solan Arts Gen 27.11.74 12-Sep-06
532 Joginder Singh GSSS Nand Solan Arts S.C. 28.08.78 15-Jun-06
533 Lalita GHS Bdhokri Solan Arts Gen 19.07.76 1-Jul-06
534 Deepak Sharma GHS Baila Solan NM Gen 25.05.76 1-Oct-06
535 Ganesh Dutt GHS Darwa Solan Arts Gen 03.07.77 16-Sep-06
536 Sunil Kumar GMS Soon Solan Arts Gen 16.08.77 29-Jun-06
537 Mukesh Kumar GMS Soon Solan NM Gen 01.03.79 8-Sep-06
538 Neeraj Dhayla Solan NM Gen 01.04.83 1-Jul-06
539 Charanjeet Singh GHS Malaini Solan Arts Gen 17.06.82 29-Oct-06
540 Ram Karan GHS Milayni (NLG) Solan NM Gen 04.04.79 5-Sep-06
541 Neelam Kumari GMS Tikkeri Solan Arts Gen 12.04.77 1-Jul-06
542 Khamender Sharma GSSS Basant Pur Solan NM Gen 21.04.76 1-Jul-06
543 Pushpa Devi GMS, Kothi u/c
GSSS, Ratwari
Solan NM Gen 14.07.85 26-Sep-06
544 Ram Pal GHS Budhwar Una Arts SC 20.09.70 01.09.2006
545 Suman Devi GSSS Chhetran Una Arts Gen. 30.10.75 01.09.2006
546 Susham Lata GSSS Arloo Una Arts Gen. 10.02.74 19.09.2006
547 Ravinder Kumar GSSS Nangal Kalan Una Arts OBC 06.04.83 30.08.2006
548 Rajnish Kumar GSSS Talmhera Una Arts Gen. 24.03.80 29.06.2006
549 Rakesh Chand GSSS Talmhera Una Arts OBC 19.04.77 29.06.2006
550 Ritu Rani GHS Paroian Una Arts Gen. 13.10.75 19.08.2006
551 Mohan Singh GSSS Heeran Una Arts OBC 01.01.79 19.08.2006
552 Surinder Kumar GMS Saloh Una Arts S.C 06.08.82 13.09.2006
553 Asha Baby GSSS Butt Kalan Una Arts Gen. 06.05.71 05.09.2006
554 Ashwani Kumar GSSS Butt Kalan Una NM OBC 21.02.79 05.09.2006
555 Manohar Lal GSSS
Una Arts OBC 12.05.69 01.09.2006
556 Geeta Sharma GSSS Santoshgarh
Una Arts Gen. 20.07.67 01.09.2006
557 Kavita GSSS Dulehar Una Arts Gen. 26.02.80 25.08.2006
558 Seema Rani GHS Dhakki Una Arts OBC 29.10.72 07.09.2006
559 Sangita Devi GSSS Daloh Una Arts Gen. 27.05.72 27.09.2006
1. Since the services are being taken over purely on contract basis, the candidate will have to execute a bond
on judicial paper with the Principal/Headmaster of concerned school, where he/she is posted that he/she
has carefully gone through the conditions of the contract appointment and the conditions imposed are
acceptable to him/her. The joining report will be accepted only after the execution of the requisite bond
between the Head of institution and the candidate.
2. The contract will be initially for one year and the candidate shall have to enter in to fresh contract
agreement with the head of institution after completion of one year. The contract shall be extendable on
year to year basis subject to satisfactory performance of the candidate.
3. The Head of the school will ensure that the educational and professional qualifications possessed by the
candidate are R&P Rules at the time when they were deployed as a PTA (GIA Rules 2006) and is from a recognized University/institution. Necessary verification to this effect is to be made by the Head of
the concerned school at the time of joining of the candidate. Duly attested copies of certificates awarded to
the candidates by the recognized University/Board be kept in the office for record.
4. The candidate will have to serve Sub-Cadre area as and when required/ordered by the department.
5. The Head of the institution before accepting the joining of the candidate will ensure that character
certificate, category certificate i.e. SC /ST/OBCs (parental certificate issued from Himachal Pradesh) and
other certificates are in order.
6 .All the controlling officers/DDOs/Headmasters/Principals are directed to verify all the certificatesnproduced by the candidates concerned from the respective universities confidentially on priority basis and necessary entries to this effect be recorded in the service book of the TGT concerned. Any lapse in this regard shall be viewed seriously and would be the personal responsibility of the controlling
7 If at any point of time it is so decided or intended by the Government to ensure that the candidate thus taken on contractual basis would have to improve qualification or undergo any training or exam under “RTE” or otherwise the same would be binding on the above teacher within the prescribed time else the
contractual services would automatically stand cancelled without giving any notice. An undertaking to this
effect may be obtained from the teacher before benefit of contractual service is granted.
8. The services of only those PTA Teachers(TGTs) have been taken on contract basis as TGTs who have put in seven years of continuous service on the date of these orders as stated above. Before accepting the joining the concerned DDO/Controlling Officer/Principals/Headmasters are directed to check if there is any break in the continuity of service due to any account in respect of the TGT concerned. If so found the matter may be brought to the notice of this Directorate immediately, the contract would then be deemed to have been cancelled without giving any notice. Apart from this, it may also be ensured that no departmental enquiry/vigilance case is pending against any of the TGT whose services are being taken over on contract basis. If in any case it comes to the notice of the school then the matter may be brought to the notice of the department immediately.
The Head of the institution will also ensure that the candidate has given an undertaking regarding
following terms & conditions:-
1. The concerned candidate will have to produce the medical fitness certificate from the Chief Medical
Officer/Medical Officer of the Illaqa/area concerned at the time of his/her joining.
2. The candidate concerned shall have to submit a declaration to the effect that if married, he/she has only one spouse living. The woman candidate(s) will declare that she has not married a person having a living wife.
3 The concerned candidate shall have to produce attested copies of his/her academic/professional qualification/domicile/ date of birth etc. certificates
4 The concerned candidate shall have to produce a character certificate from competent authority.
5 The concerned candidate shall furnish a declaration to the effect that he/she is not a dismissed employee of
any Govt./Semi Govt. Department/ Organization.
6 The services may be terminated at any time by a month’s notice on either side without assigning any reason.
7 The concerned candidate will have to make an oath of allegiance/faithfulness to the constitution of India.
8 The candidate(s) belonging to SC/ST/OBC etc. will furnish the requisite certificate on the prescribed form only issued by the competent authority from H.P.
9. His/her retention in service is subject to his/her character and antecedent being found satisfactory which should be got verified by the concerned Deputy Director/Head of concerned school within scheduled period of three months.
10 He/she will have to give in writing whether he/she was ever convicted by a court of law and if so the particulars of the offence and punishment be stated. Failing to disclose the facts, he/she will render himself/herself liable to be removed from service without any notice as and when the factual facts come to light.
11 The candidate(s) concerned shall have to produce the certificate of his/her being a citizen of India.
12. In case of any of the certificates/information produced/given by the candidate is found false/wrong, later on
his/her services will be terminated without giving any notice. 13 The appointee shall have to serve in the difficult area Sub-Cadre for a minimum period of five years.
14 The appointee shall have to submit an undertaking to the effect that he/she has passed
educational/professional qualification from a recognized University/institution. If at any stage it is detected
that the educational & professional qualification are not from a recognized University/institution then the
services are liable to be terminated forthwith.
15. The appointee shall have to submit an undertaking of having passed TET exam from HPSSSB Hamirpur.
He/she shall have to place a copy of the TET certificate on record immediately after being issued by the
HPSSSB Hamirpur.

Contract Agreement
Form of contract/ agreement to be executed between the Trained Graduate Teacher (Name of the post) and
the Government of Himachal Pradesh through Director of Elementary Education. (Designation of the
Appointing Authority).
This agreement is made on this _______________ day of ____________ in the year____________ between
Sh./Smt.___________________ S/O Shri ______________ R/O
___________________________________________Contract appointee (hereinafter called the FRIST PARTY),
AND The Governor of Himachal Pradesh through Director of Elementary Education (Designation of the
Appointing Authority)/Head of the Institution i.e Principal/Headmaster ( here-in-after the SECOND PARTY).
Whereas , the SECOND PARTY has engaged the aforesaid FIRST PARTY and the FIRST PARTY has agreed to
serve as a Trained Graduate Teacher (Name of the post) on contract basis on the following terms & conditions:-
1.That the FIRST PARTY shall remain in the service of the SECOND PARTY as a Trained Graduate Teacher (
Name of the post) for a period of 1 year commencing on day of ________________ and ending on the day
of__________ It is specifically mentioned and agreed upon by both the parties that the contract of the FIRST
PARTY with SECOND PARTY shall ipso-facto stand terminated on the last working day i.e on
_________________And information/ notice shall not be necessary.
2.The contractual amount of the FIRST PARTY will be Rs.13900/- PM.
3.The service of FIRST PARTY will be purely on temporary basis. The appointment is liable to be terminated in
case the performance/ conduct of the contract appointee is not found good or if a regular incumbent is appointed/
posted against the vacancy for which the first party was engaged on contract.
4.The contractual appointment shall not confer any right to incumbent for the regularization of service at any
5.Contractual Trained Graduate Teacher ( Name of the post) will be entitled for one day casual leave after putting
in one month service. This leave can be accumulated upto one year. No leave of any kind is admissible to the
contractual Trained Graduate Teacher (Name of the post). He will not be entitled for Medical Reimbursement and
L.T.C etc. Only maternity leave will be given as per Rules.
6. Unauthorized absence from the duty without the approval of the Controlling Officer shall automatically lead to
the termination of the contract. A contractual Trained Graduate Teacher ( Name of the post) will not be entitled for
contractual amount for the period of absence from duty.
7.Transfer of an official appointed on contract basis will not be permitted from one place to another in any case.
8.Selected candidate will have to submit a certificate of his/her fitness from a Government/ Registered Medical
Practitioners. In case of Woman candidates pregnant beyond twelve weeks will render her temporarily unfit till the
confinement is over. The woman candidate should be re-examined for fitness from an authorized Medical Officer/
9.Contract appointee will be entitled to TA/DA, if required, to go on tour in connection with his/ her official
duties at the same rate as applicable to regular counter-part official.
10 The Employees Group Insurance Scheme as well as EPF/GPF will not be applicable to contractual
IN WITNESS the FIRST PARTY AND SECOND PARTY have herein to set their hands the day, month
and year first, above written.
(Name and full Address)
(Signature of the FIRST PARTY)
___________________________ (Name and full Address)
(Name an d full Address)
(Signature of the Second PARTY)

(Name and full Address)

Endst. No. even dated Shimla-171001 the 3rd January,2015.
Copy for information and n/a to:-
1. The Additional Chief Secretary (Education) to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-171002.w.r.t.
letters quoted above.
2. The Director of Higher Education, H.P Shimla-171001.
3. The concerned Deputy Directors of Elementary Education, Himachal Pradesh. They are directed that
the character and antecedents of the candidate may be got verified within three months of the date of his
joining and report be sent to this directorate within 10 days after completion of the scheduled date /time
of three months. The intimation of the joining of the candidate may also be sent.
4. The concerned Principal with the directions that before accepting the joining report of the candidate a
bond on Judicial Paper(in triplicate) is required to be executed between the Head of the institution and
the contract employee as per specimen given above. Original copy of the bond will be retained in the
office of the school, other copy is to be handed over to the concerned TGT and third copy will be
forwarded to this directorate alongwith joining report. The joining of appointee will be treated from the
date of signing of the bond.
6. The D.A. dealing with seniority/Transfer matters in the Establishment Branch-II (Internal) Directorate of
Elementary Education with the directions that the separate seniority of the teachers appointed on contract
basis be maintained.
7. The Concerned Employment Exchange.
8. Individual concerned through Registered Post.
9. The Guard file.