Israel freezes tax revenues worth $127 millions to Palestinians on ICC bid

North Gazette News/New York
Israel has frozen tax revenues worth 127 million Dollars to Palestine after the latter attempt to join International Criminal Court (ICC).

As per reports, Israeli officials have confirmed that transfer of tax revenues to Palestine would be stopped.

Israel government sends millions of dollars in tax revenue to Palestine on which the country runs the government and pay salaries to its employees.

But the Israeli government’s move is likely to affect the functioning of the Palestinian government adversely, forcing the country to face economic downfall.

It is pertinent to mention here that Palestinian authorities on Friday submitted documents to join Hague based International Criminal Court which would enable the country to seek war crime charges against Israeli officials.

Israeli government’s decision is in response to the Palestinian government’s move that had decided to ahead with its decision despite warning from country on the issue.

However, Palestinian authorities said that the country would not deter the country from its move to join ICC and it would go ahead with the agenda.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that the country would not let its soldiers face potential war crime charges in ICC.

Netanyahu said that Palestinian authorities has chosen the path of confrontation and the country would not sit idle on provocative steps taken by Palestine.