ISIS paid 600 dollars to Pak militant for sending a recruit to Syria: reports

North Gazette News/New Delhi
ISIS has reportedly paid a Pak militant 600 dollars for sending a recruit from the country to Syria to fight besides its cadres in the region, media reports claimed on Wednesday.

As per reports, the revelation was made by a Pakistani Syrian man Yousaf Al-Salafi who was arrested along with two accomplices by security forces on Monday from Lahore.

Al-Salafi, an ISIS recruiter in Pakistan and local chief of jihadist group reportedly confessed to have sent young men to fight in Syria, charging 600 dollars for each recruit, an intelligence official reportedly told French news agency, AFP.

Pakistani intelligence official said that Al-Salafi confessed of working as an ISIS recruiter and he was setting up jihadi group’s operations in the country.

Al-Salafi entered Pakistan about five months ago via Turkey and reportedly sent local youth from Lahore and nearby Gujranwala area.

The official said that Al-Salafi worked with an Imam at a Lahore mosque, identified as Hafiz Tayyab and another person whose identity has been only as Doctor Fuwad, a native Pakistan’s Sialkot city.

Al-Salafi reportedly visited several madrassas across Lahore and Sialkot to recruit young men to fight for ISIS. He had also visited several tribal areas across Pakistan and Afghanistan border.

The intelligence official added that Al-Salafi might have carried out attacks in Pakistan, if he had not been arrested.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan government had started a major crackdown against militants in the country and Pakistan Taliban after an attack on Peshwar Army School in which 142 persons including 132 children were killed.

Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies are also concerned about militants support ISIS jihadi group after pro-ISIS leaflets and slogans appeared in various regions of the country.