Greenpeace India worker stopped from boarding flight at Delhi Airport

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Greenpeace India worker Priya Pillai was on stopped by Immigration authorities from boarding London flight at Delhi Airport, Greenpeace India said in a statement.

Greenpeace India, in a statement said that Priya Pillai has been denied permission from boarding a flight to London by immigration authorities.

“The incident amounts to violation of Priya Pillai’s personal liberty and the government’s infringes on her universal rights,” Greenpeace India said, adding that her Passport was stamped even though she had no background of criminal convictions.

The NGO said that Pillai was on a visit to London on a valid visa to meet British MPs to brief them about people of Mahan forests in Madhya Pradesh whose rights were allegedly violated by a proposed Essar coal mine.

It is pertinent to mention here that Greenpeace India is opposing the Coal mine project in Mahan Forests and had formed body of tribals, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti against deforestation and claims that the deforestation would cause loss of livelihoods to around 50,000 tribals dependent on Mahan forest.

Mahan Sangharsh Samiti had also filed a case against the proposed coal mine in National Green Tribunal and had challenged the clearance to the project, claiming that the process was fraught with irregularities.

Essar Power and Hindalco Industries in an equal joint venture are developing coal mine in Mahan Forests in Madhya Pradesh and they have so far invested around Rs 20,000 crore in their projects.