Gauhar Khan paid man to slap her on India's Raw Star set?

North Gazette News/Mumbai
In a sensational turn of events in the Bollywood actress slapgate, Akil Malik, the accused who slapped Gauhar Khan on India’s Raw Star set, claimed that he was paid by the actress to slap her.

In an interview with Zee News, Akil Malik said that the entire slapgate was a planned publicity stunt and he was asked by Gauhar Khan to slap her, just before the start of show in lieu of money and a role in Dabanng 3.

Malik claimed that he is a junior artist and he had met Gauhar Khan on November 28, two days before the incident.

“Gauhar Khan told me come to India’s Raw Star show on November 28 and just before the show, she asked me to come in her car where she told me slap her on the show,” Malik claimed.

Akil Malik claimed that Gauhar Khan had promised him that she wouldn’t press charges against him on the issue and would help him in securing his release from police custody after the entire.

On the question of as to why he had now changed his statement, Malik said that Gauhar Khan deceived him as she didn’t help in securing his released from the police custody which is the reason, he decided to reveal the truth.

However, neither police nor Bollywood startlet Gauhar Khan had responded to the claims by made Akil Malik.

The slapgate had created a debate on social media on moral policing with Bollywood stars coming in Gauhar Khan’s support as it was being reported that Malik slapped her for wearing skimpy dresses on the show which was against the tenets of Islam.