Centre to ask social media sites to setup servers in India

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Centre government has reportedly asked social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others to setup servers in India for ease in monitoring the activities of anti-social elements.

As per reports, Indian government is preparing a legal framework to make it mandatory for social media sites to setup servers in India.

Indian government is likely to hold a meeting with social media sites on the issue and know their viewpoint on the issue.

However, it could prove an uphill task for the Centre government to make these global giants to comply with the new norms.

Earlier on January 22, 2015, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had announced to launch a web portal ‘MySecurity.in’ to provide a platform to any individual for innovation in the field of security related web applications.

“Any individual, company, student, NGO etc can develop and deploy on this portal such security applications which may be useful to the people. It would enable the general public to get access to a large number of security related applications,”Singh said0.

He said that the main objective of launching the web portal ‘MySecurity.in’ is to promote innovation in developing security related applications as well as offer to the people safe and trusted applications for their security needs. People would have options to choose the applications best suited for their requirements.

The MHA will give priority on this website to host such applications which provide security in emergency situations to women, children, senior citizens and other vulnerable groups. Other applications that will get priority include tools to monitor objectionable content posted on internet and tools to monitor, prevent, detect and report cyber crime.

“Thrust areas will also include applications that create awareness about good security practices among people and also educating them about legal provisions and applications facilitating legal services to the needy persons,”he added.

Singh added application developers, meeting the basic screening criteria, would be allowed hardware and middleware resources in a cloud based environment to deploy their applications. An expert group constituted by MHA will also evaluate the application on parameters like usefulness, innovation, public acceptance, technology used, maintenance, updation, feedback mechanism etc.

MHA will allow only such applications to be hosted on the website that pass security audit.