Belgian rapist granted death wish on psychological grounds

North Gazette News/Brussels
Belgian rapist, murder Frank Van Den Bleeken has been granted death wish after court accepted his request for death by lethal injection.

As per reports, Bleeken would euthanised on Sunday despite European Union’s ban on death penalty. Bleeken has been granted death wish on psychological grounds, though he is physically fit.

In his application to the Belgium’s Federal Euthanasia Commission, Bleeken claimed that he can’t bear the psychological suffering of having to spend entire life in jail.

He claimed that he can’t see any chances of him getting releases from the jail as could not control sexual impulses. He said that he would prefer to die than to spend rest of his life in jail.

Bleeken had raped and killed a 19-year-old girl Christiane Remacle while she was returning from New Year party on January 1, 1989.

The court had deemed him insane and not criminally responsible for his crime at that time. He sent to prison psychiatric ward for seven and soon after his release, Bleeken had raped three more girls aged 11, 17 and 29.

Since then he was under detention indefinitely and was allowed outside jail only once that too for the funeral of his mother.

Belonging to a poor family, Van Den Bleeken had a troubled childhood and most of his childhood was spent in child care. He had claimed that he was himself raped at the age of 15. He was sentenced to prison for sexual offences at the age of 21.

However, his victim’s families are opposing euthanasia and said that he should languish in jail for his crime rather than granting him swift release by euthanasia.