Australian woman fined for defaming estranged husband on Facebook

North Gazette News/Sydney
An Australian Court has fined a woman for defaming her estranged husband on Facebook after she failed to prove the allegations of domestic violence against him.

As per reports, Robin Greeuw had accused her estranged husband Miro Dabrowski of domestic violence and abuse during their marital life in December 2012.

In her post of social networking site, Greeuw post read as, ‘Separated from Miro Dabrowski after 18 years of suffering domestic violence and abuse. Now fighting system to keep my children safe’.

However, she had later removed the post after Dabrowski’s lawyer served her notice for defaming his client.

In his petition, Dabrowski claimed after the post, his girlfriend left him and even his brother started doubting his character.

The Perth Court had directed the woman to pay 12,500 Dollars to her husband for defaming his reputation.

The duo had married in 1992 but their relationship ended in March 2012 after which she posted the defamatory content on his Facebook page.