#AirAsia QZ58501 crash: 30 more bodies found, hunt on to find jet's black boxes

North Gazette News/New Delhi
US Navy ship and rescue officials on Friday retrieved 30 bodies from Java sea while multinational agencies are scouring the sea to find the black boxes of #AirAsia QZ8501 flight. So far, 16 bodies have been recovered from Java sea off Borneo Island in Indonesia.

As per reports, bad weather conditions are hampering the search rescue operations to find the bodies of remaining 146 passengers who had died in the #AirAsia QZ58501 crash on December 28.

Out of the thirty bodies that were recovered today, three have been identified after forensic examination and all the bodies have been transported Pangkalan Bun, Indonesian officials said.

Meanwhile, multinational agencies with black box detecting devices to find the jet that is supposed be lying at the bottom of Java sea after #AirAsia QZ58501 crash.