5 including Kotkata guides arrested for Japanese scholar's gangrape

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Five persons including three Kolkata tourist guides have been arrested for Japanese scholar’s gangrape for over two weeks in West Bengal and Bihar.

As per reports, Kolkata police have arrested three guides, Sabir Khan, Vasim Khan and Sajid Iqbal for Japanese scholar’s gangrape and robbing her at different locations in Kolkata.

“The accused later handed over the victim Sajid Khan and Javed of Bodh Gaya who also gangraped and molested the Japanese national. The duo too have been arrested by the police,” Police said.

Japanese scholar had come to India on November 23, 2014 on a tourist visa and on arrival in Kolkata, she fell into the trap of three tourist guides.

“The trio Sabir, Vasim and Sajid took her to sightseeing in Digha in East Midnapur district of India’s West Bengal state where they molested her on gunpoint and forced her withdraw Rs 76,000 from her bank account. She was later gangraped by the accused at different locations in Kolkata.

“In her complaint, the Japanese national said that she was raped by the accused on different locations in West Bengal and Bihar. The accused also extorted Rs 70,000 from her after threatening her,”police officials said.

She was later dropped in Varanasi bound bus after which she contacted Japanese Embassy at Kolkata with the help of other Japanese students, she had met in Varanasi.

“The Japanese tourist reached Kolkata on December 26 after which she filed a complaint with Park Street police station in Kolkata who after investigations, arrested the accused,” the Police officials added.