3 month old child saved from freezing cold by ‘Hero’ cat in Russia

North Gazette News/Obinsk
A three months child was saved from freezing cold by a tabby cat Masha as she lay besides him in the box in which the baby was left, to make sure he didn’t freeze to death.

As per reports, Masha, the cat who had been hailed ‘Hero’ by locals and from people across the globe, not only protected the child from freezing cold but she also mewed that led to the discovery of the baby boy.

The baby boy was reportedly left in box in the freezing cold weather in Obinsk area of Russia near garbage dump with nappies and baby food.

Hearing the cat’s mewing, a 68-year-old woman, Irina Lavrova who lives in the neighbourhood, checked the box, thinking Masha might have hurt herself. But to her surprise, Masha was all right and she was lying besides the baby and mewing to make people aware the presence of the boy.

Irina immediately called the emergency services who took the child to hospital for medical checkup where the baby boy was declared fit and healthy.

Hospital authorities reportedly said that the baby was outside in the cold for few hours and Masha, the cat along with child’s clothes protected him freezing to death.

Irina told Russian media that from it seems that the cat’s actions might be out of her motherly instincts and that Masha wanted to protect the child from freezing cold.

While, Police authorities were investigating the case to find the mother of baby boy and the child is being cared for in hospital.

Hailed a ‘Hero’, the tabby cat is being spoilt by locals with delicious treats for her protective actions.