10 journalists, 2 cops killed in terrorist attack on Paris satirical magazine

North Gazette News/Paris
Twelve persons including ten journalists and two police personnel were killed in a terrorist attack on Paris satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday after it published a cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi.

As per reports, two unidentified gunmen stormed into the office of Paris satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo and opened indiscriminate firing on magazine’s staff. Armed with automatic guns, killed eleven mediapersons including one reporter and injured many others before escaping from the spot in two cars.

Ten journalists including Charlie Hebdo’s Editor-in-Chief Gérard Biard and caricaturist Stephane Charbonnier known by the pen name of Charb, two police personnel and one another person had been killed in the attack while three others had suffered critical injuries.

The attackers reportedly attacked the magazine office, moments after Charlie Hebdo mazagine posted Baghdadi’s cartoon wishing a Happy New year and ‘particularly good health’ to him. The attackers reportedly escaped from the spot in two cars.

The magazine had carried a cartoon portrayal of Baghdadi while wishing New Year’s greeting to followers with the caption: ‘And especially, health!’.

As the news of terrorists on Charlie Hebdo magazine spread, French President Francois Hollande visited the spot and termed the incident as terrorist attack. French President claimed that several other terrorists have been thwarted in the recent weeks.

In 2011, the magazine was attacked with fire bombs after it published an edition, supposedly guest edited by Prophet Muhammad with his cartoon on the cover of magazine. The cartoon had shown Prophet Muhammad threatening magazine’s readers with hundred lashes if they die laughing.

Six days after the fire bomb attack in which Charlie Hebdo’s offices were burnt to ashes, the magazine published a cartoon showing Charlie Hebdo cartoonist kissing a bearded Muslim with caption ‘Love is stronger than hate’.