WikiLeaks uncovers CIA manual for its travelling spies

North Gazette News/New York
WikiLeaks has revealed two CIA manual for its travelling spies, offering tips as to how to avoid being detected by security authorities while travelling abroad.

As per reports, the two CIA documents that dates to 2011 and 2012 that were marked classified and ‘NOFORN’ (which means not be shared with allied intelligence agencies) were released by WikiLeaks on Sunday.

The two documents WikiLeaks has uncovered, offers a number of strategies for its agents as to how to avoid secondary screening at airports and borders while travelling overseas on secret missions.

The CIA documents list several dos and don’ts as not to buy one way ticket with cash, don’t look scruffy while travelling on diplomatic passport.

The other tip calls for consistent, well rehearsed and plausible cover for avoiding secondary selection that can also help in surviving secondary screening.

CIA documents also mentions of ‘Schengen Overview’ that points towards biometric security measures deployed in European Union for persons travelling on US passports and which is making harder for its spies to travel on false documents.

Commenting on the release of CIA’s secret documents, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reportedly said that it reveals US agency’s plans to carry out spying in European union and alleged that the intelligence agency had carried out kidnapping in EU countries during Bush regime.