Sydney hostage crisis ends, Indian techie rescued

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Sydney hostage crisis ended on Monday night after police authorities stormed into the Lindt Cafe and the Indian techie who was also held hostage among 40 others at the cafe has also been safely rescued.

As per reports, Vishwakant Ankireddy who was held by lone gunman inside the Lindt Cafe in Sydney along with others have been rescued.

The attacker has been identified as Iranian refugee Sheikh Man Monis, a cleric who had a criminal past with conviction in cases of sexual assault and sending hate letters to the families of slain Australian soldiers.

According media reports, two persons have been reportedly killed in the exchange of gunfire between the attackers and police personnel, however, it is not confirmed whether the Monis has also been killed in the incident or not.

Monis reportedly told the hostages to address him as brother and asked the authorities to deliver an ISIS flag after he would release a hostage.

Reports quoting an hostage who escaped from the Lindt Café told media that the attacker has planted four bombs, two inside the cafe and two elsewhere in the city, a claim which is being verified by the police.

Police authorities have reportedly sent robots to the café to check for bombs.

The attacker had taken over 40 persons hostage early on Monday morning and forced them to stand with an Islamic flag pressed against the window.