Single doctor performed 62 cataract surgeries in 12 hours: Eye camp tradegy

North Gazette News/Amritsar
An inquiry report of Eye Camp Tragedy has revealed that a single doctor conducted 62 surgeries over a period of 12 hours.

It shows that how carelessly the patients have been treated by the doctor in the eye camp that leads to the permanent blindness of more than 16 patients.

The report also says that surgical equipment were also not sterilised properly that caused bacterial infection among the patients, who undergone cataract surgeries. The bacteria’s presence confirms that contaminated fluids were used during surgery.

The inquiry report also points out the possibility that surgical equipment were not properly sterilised.”

It is worth mentioning that in Ghumam Eye Camp Tragedy, Punjab police have arrested a doctor who allegedly performed cataract surgery and registered a case against a private hospital and Mathura-based NGO which organised the camp.

Chief minister of Punjab Badal had ordered a high level probe. In the eye camp organised by an NGO in Ghuman in Gurdaspur district of Punjab about 60 people had lost their eyesight. All the victims belong to poor background.

Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal has also announced an interim relief of Rs 1 lakh to those who have lost eyesight. Announcing free medical treatment for all the victims, Badal has directed that the patients should be re-examined for fresh treatment at the government level.