Rohtak sisters in trouble: Eyewitnesses accuse them of misusing law

North Gazette News/ Rohtak
A fresh trouble seems to be brewing up for the two sisters in an alleged molestation case in Rohtak which were getting all praise from media to fight against eve teasers.

Many of the eyewitnesses have reported that two sisters were misusing the law. Eyewitnesses have contradicted the Rohtak sisters’ claim of eve teasing by the boys in the bus.

According to them quarrel broke out between them over seat and Rohtak sisters started kicking and hitting the youths. One of the girls thrashed the boys with a belt.

Youths were standing near the bus door, while the girls were sitting. An eyewitness said that was not a case of molestation and quarrel had broken out over seats.

It is worth mentioning that Rohtak sisters Arti and Pooja, aged 22 and 19, have been showered with praise since the video of thrashing alleged teasers (three men) on bus went viral in their hometown of Rohtak.

One of the accused said the girls had pelted stones at one of the youths after they got down from the bus. Now the all accused have been released on bail, but they remained unavailable for comments.

Kuldeep, the main accused in the case of alleged molestation of two sisters on board a moving Haryana Roadways bus on November 28, has claimed that the quarrel was over a seat.

The main accused, Kuldeep has claimed that he was helping an elderly woman to get a seat and the Rohtak sisters were sitting on the seat allocated to the woman. He claimed that he had asked them to vacate the seat and this triggered the quarrel. He has demanded an impartial and fair probe into the episode.

While a TV channel has claimed that Rohtak sisters were habitual of beating the boys and this was not the first time act by them.