Pope Francis declines to meet Dalai Lama on China's concerns

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Pope Francis has reportedly declined to meet Tibetan spiritual guru, Dalai Lama so as to avoid further jeopardising efforts to improve relations with China.

As per reports, Dalai Lama who visiting Rome to attend Nobel Laureate’s Annual Summit in the Vatican City, had sought a meeting with Pope Francis. But the request was the declined in a bid to not to further antagonise relations with China.

Dalai Lama reportedly accused Vatican Authorities of nixing his meeting with Pope Francis as it might have created inconvenience in its relations with China.

A spokesperson of Dalai Lama said that the spiritual guru was very disappointed for not being able to meet Pope Francis, however, he was in favour of causing any inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Vatican spokesperson said that pope Francis held Dalai Lama in high regard but the request of meeting was declined due to ‘obvious reasons’.

The Vatican spokesperson said that Pope Francis was not meeting any Nobel Laureate who had come to attend annual summit and Pope would send a video message to them.

It is pertinent to mention here that China had declared Dalai Lama a separatist and expresses it displeasure over any with him by any foreign dignitary. China had formed its own Church over outside the authority of Vatican and Pope after the Communist Party came into power in 1951.

China considers Tibet as a part of territory and its troops had crushed the attempted uprising in Tibet in 1959, forcing Dalai Lama to fled the country and seek refuge in India.