Pope Francis admits to drinking donkey's milk as child

Pope Francis makes these revelations after he was gifted with two donkeys, Thea and Noah as early Christmas gift

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Pope Francis on Friday admitted to drinking donkey milk as a child as his mother could not provide him enough breast milk during childhood days.

As per reports, Pope Francis made these revelations Pierluigi Christophe Orunesu from Eurolactis Italia donkey farming cooperative after he presented him with two donkey as Christmas present.

Orunesu presented the Pope Francis two donkeys Thea and Noah after which reportedly told him that he was aficionado of donkey milk.

Orunesu told Daily Mail that Pope Francis was very happy after receiving the donkeys as early Christmas gift. “Pope Francis told me that his used to feed him with donkey milk as a baby as she could produce enough breast milk or later on when he was a child,” he told UK based newspaper.

Orunesu’s Eurolactis Italia donkey farming cooperative produces donkey milk for babies who are allergic to other milks.

Eurolactis Italia donkey farming cooperative also donated 21 gallons of donkey milk to a pediatric hospital in Rome.

It is pertinent to mention here that scientists are conducting researches on donkey’s milk for its similarities to women’s milk. The donkey milk’s proteins are easily digested by the babies as compared to cow’s milk and contain less harmful fats than in other milks.