North Korea suffers internet outage, services partially restored

North Gazette News/Pyongyang
North Korea has suffered unprecedented countrywide internet outage on Monday, days after row over Sony hack with US but the services has been partially restored.

As per reports, North Korea suffered internet outage for almost 9 hours 31 minutes on Monday after which the internet services were partially restored.

Though North Korea hasn’t commented on the internet outage in the country but US experts reportedly claimed that the services has been partially restored now.

After the internet outage, most of the North Korea’s website became inaccessible, though the government run Korean Central News Agency (KNCA) was back online on Tuesday.

However, internet services remained unstable even on Tuesday as the recovery seemed partial with most of other websites of the country remaining inaccessible on Tuesday.

A war of words had ensued between North Korea and US after Sony Pictures was hacked, reportedly for making a comedy film on North Korean Kim Jong-un.

US President Barack Obama had warned North Korea over Sony hack, though he had not termed the incident as an ‘act of war’.

Obama had warned of befitting reply to the Sony hack incident and had said that suitable reply would be given to North Korea at a time ‘that we choose’.

Officials, however, didn’t commented about the role of US in nationwide internet outage.